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By: Harris Security Installations  31/03/2010
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What is SmokeCloak?
SmokeCloak is a security product that is designed to disorientate intruders to your premises and prevent them from taking your property.

How does it work?
The SmokeCloak product becomes part of your intruder alarm system. Once the alarm system detects a break-in to your premises, a heater element in the SmokeCloak product converts liquid glycerol into an extremely dense artificial fog that is immediately spread throughout the area. Within seconds the intruder is completely disoriented and immediately needs to leave your premises.

How it works The Protect System realeases what is known as "dry" smoke. The smoke is produced by mixing water and glycol, which is then forced through a heating element that transforms it into "dry" and harmless smoke. The same smoke is used in theatres and discos. The smoke will stay in the room for over an hour, but after 20 minutes of ventilation the smoke is gone.

Refill bags make it easy to replace security fluid

Your Protect smoke protection can be activated again and again. All you have to remember is to refill the system with smoke protection fluid. This fluid is available in acuum packed refills, which prevent evaporation and simplify the replacement process.

Why is SmokeCloak so valuable?
SmokeCloak works immediately. Even in the best circumstances, the response by the police and keyholders will take a few minutes. By the time they arrive to investigate the effects of the alarm activation, the intruders may already be gone and with you property. SmokeCloak is designed to prevent this.

Is SmokeCloak expensive to run?
No, the system uses less electricity than a normal light bulb and can be activated again and again. High operational reliability, minimal maintenance and a long service life also help to keep running costs down

Is SmokeCloak dangerous to Humans and Animals?
No, the dense smoke is completely harmless. The smoke is created using the same principles as are used for smoke machines in theatres and discos.

Will Smoke Cloak damage my furniture or equipment?
No, the smoke has been documented and tested by numerous laboratories. Their conclusion is that it is completely safe for people, animals, IT equipment, machines and other fittings and furnishings.

Does SmokeCloak Smell?
No, Protect smoke does not smell so you can use the rooms again as soon as they have been aired.

How do I get rid of the Smoke?
Even though the smoke is so dense that a burglar will not be able to see his hand in front of his face, it only takes about 20 minutes of airing to clear the room. Afterwards, you will not be able to tell that the smoke protection system has been activated

What are the views of the Loss Prevention Council?
SmokeCloak will be of particular use in protecting premises where portable, high value goods are stored. These are increasingly being stolen in fast smash raids, where thieves ignore intruder alarms and CCTV Systems, getting away before Police or other response is possible. Apart from large quantities of physical security and/or 24 hour manned guarding, there do not appear to be any other reliable measures available at present to prevent this type of loss.

Are False Alarms a problem?
No, the system is designed to prevent accidental activation of the smoke protection. In the event of a break-in, the control centre will be able to contact the fire brigade to stop them responding to reports of "smoke" coming out of a building.

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