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By: Handelexport  05/12/2011
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Export preparation

Before you hop on that plane and go to meet new prospective clients, there is important preparation that you can carry out to increase your chances of success in the export market. Handel Export’s consultants can work with you to address the following:

  • Company messaging and total value proposition, tailored for your target market
  • Refining your sales pitch so that it ’speaks to’ your export customer
  • Training on the background and business etiquette of your target market
  • Tailoring your company presentation to make it suitable for the export market
  • Preparation of meeting agendas to make sure you find out the information that will empower you to make informed business decisions

Keywords: Export Blog, Export Consulting,

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If we had to pinpoint the single most common mistake that companies make when trying to build international business, it would be failure to carry out sufficient market research. If you want to build long-term repeat business in an export market, there are lots of things you need to find out first about your target market.


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Using our export sales and marketing consultancy services, your company will work with one of our export experts to address specific export issues such as. Devising an export sales and marketing strategy for a specific geographical region or country. Improving business development and market share in exisiting markets. Formulating a corporate export sales and marketing strategy.


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Once you have carried out your basic market research and established that there are good opportunities for your product or service in a particular export market, the next thing you need are specific leads. Handel Export can speed up this process for you considerably, meaning faster market entry, a quicker return on investment and rapid results.


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For each of these client groups we can recommend a variety of export consultancy services tailored to their requirements. This usually means that they have short-term sales rather than long-term repeat business in export markets. These services are tailored depending on the client company’s level of knowledge of exporting. Companies who are experienced exporters but need to address specific issues.


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Many companies are now considering exporting for the first time, while others who have dabbled in exporting in the past are making new efforts to take a more proactive approach to generating business in overseas markets. An export audit can provide an objective sounding board for the options you have, can provide clarity in terms of refocusing any export business development effort and ensures you have clear objectives.