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By: Handelexport  05/12/2011
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Export audit

If you are interested in starting to export, an export audit is an essential first step. It provides a snapshot of your company’s current status and your readiness to export. An export audit helps to determine potential barriers to international trade which can be both internal and external. The export audit helps us to understand your business and define what steps need to be taken to prepare your company for exporting.

The current economic climate has certainly focused minds when it comes to international business expansion. Many companies are now considering exporting for the first time, while others who have dabbled in exporting in the past are making new efforts to take a more proactive approach to generating business in overseas markets.

New exporters often have the will and enthusiasm to export but do not know where to start. Common questions they have are:

1. Are our products / services suitable for export?
2. Is our company ready to export and if not what do we need to do next to prepare?
3. What are we good at and what is our most exportable product or service?
4. What weaknesses do we have that need addressed before we start looking at overseas markets?
5. What opportunities could there be for us in export markets?
6. What are the risks for our business if we begin to export?

An export audit will give you:

• A clear outline of next steps
• Ensures you maximise resources
• Enables you to build on your strengths, focus on addressing any weaknesses, maximise opportunities and minimise any threats.

In the case of experienced exporters who would like to grow and consolidate export sales, an export audit can help to refocus their export activity and prioritise plans for growth. Such companies are often bombarded with offers of trade missions, speculative enquiries and can start to become reactive in their approach to exporting. An export audit can provide an objective sounding board for the options you have, can provide clarity in terms of refocusing any export business development effort and ensures you have clear objectives.

All information discussed with us is treated as strictly confidential. Based on the findings of the export audit we will make clear recommendations on what your next steps should be to build successful business overseas. All recommendations will be explained in a clear, uncomplicated way and we guarantee NO confusing ‘consultant-speak’.

What next?

The advisors in our team are seasoned export sales, marketing and business development professionals who have worked extensively in different markets around the world. We believe there is no substitute for real experience, so you can be assured that your company will receive the highest standard of advice. We look forward to working with you!

Keywords: business development, Export Blog, Export Consulting, Export Sales,

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