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By: Hachette  05/12/2011

  • 1980M.P.D. - missing presumed dead: that's what everybody thought when Katie Jones, a beautiful blonde toddler, vanished while playing on the water's edge one hot summer's day. 2006A young woman arr..

  • For three years Twenty Major has written a daily blog. Now though comes a tale so bizarre and abominable that mere words on a computer screen wouldnt have been able to do it justice. These words nee..

  • Numbers 7, 8 and 9 of Miller's Avenue look like any other houses in any other well-kept neighbourhood. But behind these rbightly coloured doors live people with very complicated lives.When Yvonne in n..

  • The exams are finally over, the sun is shining and celebration is in the air. For twins Chloe and Alex the future looks bright, if a bit uncertain. But turbulence is not far from the horizon. It beg..

  • Following a near-death experience as a child, a young boy becomes cursed with the ability to foresee the deaths of the people closest to him. These visions come to him in his dreams and, following a..

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    Dara Flood always says that the most interesting thing about her life happened before she was born.Thirteen days before she came into the world, her father walked up the road and never came back.Now.. In Vanishing Ireland: Recollections of our Changing Times, award-winning photographer James Fennell and bestselling author Turtle Bunbury once again journey the length and breadth of Ireland to brin..


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    From the recent notorious and horrific murders of Rachel O'Reilly, Dolores McCrea and Siobhan Kearney,cases are outlined as far back as the poisoning of Margaret Lehman in Dublin of the War years, f.. John Carthy was an average guy, a hard-working young man devoted to his mother and sister, who also happened to suffer from depression - in common with one in four Irish people today.