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By: Gxs  05/12/2011
Keywords: dispute resolution, Regulatory Compliance, payment processing

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Many countries are enacting strict invoice regulations. In the European Union, EU Directive 2001/115/EC has been adopted by all the member states, and many Latin American and Asian countries are enacting e-invoicing regulations as well. The GXS Active℠ Invoices with Compliance service enables you to send or receive electronic invoices while complying with country-specific, e-invoicing regulations. You can trust this service because it’s backed by a team of analysts skilled in country-specific accounting and data management.

Achieve Compliance with Country Regulations Using GXS Active Invoices’ customisable Validation and Business Rules

  • e-Invoice Content Validation—Inspects invoices to validate data components required by each country to achieve compliance.
  • Invoice Image Creation—Create and store images for each invoice. Receive the invoice as a structured electronic document in EDI or XML ready for payment processing and as a PDF document for dispute resolution and/or workflow authorisation.
  • Digital Signature—Add an approved digital signature to the invoice image to meet regulations, allowing documents to be used for tax audits.
  • ERP Integration—Send and receive invoices in preferred data formats, while still ready for straight-through processing. GXS can transform invoices into EDI, XML or the native format for ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle.
  • Global Trading Partner Enablement—On-board your trading partners through our best practices to communicate your message, enroll and support your suppliers or customers, and keep everyone informed of the enrollment status.

Invoice Automation Enables Reduced Costs, Increased Accuracy and Maximised Discounts

  • Comply with country specific, e-invoicing regulations—Achieve regulatory compliance quickly and easily while addressing common data quality challenges. GXS currently supports the requirements of countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Austria among others.
  • SaaS Solution—Eliminate e-invoicing software purchases. All the archiving, content validation and digital signature functionality is provided in the cloud.
  • 100% Supplier Enablement—Achieve maximum supplier participation in e-invoicing projects, maximising cost reductions and discounts.

Keywords: dispute resolution, Electronic Document, electronic invoices, erp systems, Invoice Automation, payment processing, Regulatory Compliance

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