Hydraulic Bale Tipper

By: Gw Engineering  05/12/2011
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This new Hydraulic Bale tipper offers a new system in bale handling.  This double handler lifts bales independently, and tips them into the appropriate position for storage.

Independent lifting:Independent lifting means one bale is lifted and tilted on the handler frame.  This leaves the operator free to drop the handler to the ground and pickup a second bale without dragging the first bale on the ground.The benefits are as follows:
  1. Time:  Bales don’t have to be positioned for collection. The operator wrapping the bales, do not have to leave them in pairs.  The operator collecting the bales, do not have to line up bales and arrange them for pickup.
  2. No damage to plastic wrap:  Less handling means, no damage to plastic wrap.
  3. Fuel:     As this system is more efficient it provides a saving in fuel.
  4. Less abuse to tractor:  Our unique design means the bale is kept close to the tractor.  This means less wear and tear on the tractor.

Bales are collected from the field and tipped onto their end for storage.  Bales are moved once only from field to storage.  Therefore there is less damage to plastic wrap.  Tipping bales on their end means there stored in the appropriate way.  The flat end of the bale is covered with more plastic wrap.  Bales stored on the flat end are weather proof and more resistant to damage from birds.    

As with all our products, The Hydraulic Bale tipper is built to a high quality standard.  The frame of the machine is heavy duty and is designed for use with 100 horse power tractor or bigger.  The tipping mechanism for tipping is hydraulically controlled.Features:
  1. Independent lift.  Collects 2 wrapped bales without the need for positioning them.
  2. Tips bales onto their end at destination.
  3. Bales stored on their end have up to 20 layers of wrap to protect them from weather and birds.
  4. Hydraulic tip mechanism for tipping bales.
  5. Designed so that bales are kept close to the tractor.
  6. Treated with a rust inhibiting primer and painted with our 2 pack acrylic paint.
  7. Minimum 100hp + Tractor.

Keywords: tractor

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