CT 1000 Trailer

By: Gw Engineering  05/12/2011
Keywords: trailer, Bulk Bags, Transport And Storage

The CT 1000 is a trailer for transporting and storing concentrate and animal feed. It’s constructed from 3mm and 2mm plate making it a robust and strong unit.  It can be left outside in the elements and it will keep your animal feed dry.  The CT 1000 comes with new wheels and tyres.  The CT 1000 lighting system includes rubber mounted lights to prolong bulb life.  The lights are recessed into steel frame for protection.  The braking system is robust and designed for breaking the gross weight of the loaded trailer 1300kgs.  Also there is a hand brake for parking the trailer.  This trailer complies with all EU and Irish RSA rules and regulations.  

  1. Waterproof and Vermin proof.
  2. Holds 1000kg of concentrate.
  3. Lights and breaks are compliant with all EU & Irish regulations
  4. Heavy duty wheels and Brakes rated to 1300kgs.
  5. Eliminates the need for bulk bags and hence decreases spread of disease from farm to farm.
  6. Eliminates the need to pay for bulk bags.
  7. Four leaf spring suspension and a heavy duty axle.
  8. Front step for easy access to front of hopper.
  9. Designed with a concave type floor for easily emptying the hopper.
  10. The CT 1000 can be parked in the tipped position for easy emptying.

The CT1000 allows for the easy transport and storage of concentrate on and off farm.

The CT1000 trailer holds 1000kgs of concentrate allowing for fresh meal regularly as concentrate has a recommended
shelf life of 90 days.

Cost Analysis of Bag Feed Versus Bulk Feed
Cost per tonne of feed 1 Tonne bulk 1 Tonne bags Saving per tonne
Beef Nut 15% €205 €240 €35
Calf Nut 18% €250 €285 €35
Example of savings using bulk meal over bagged meal on a typical suckler farm
Total meal required
400Kg bullock x 2 kgs per days x 150 days in winter 300 kgs
550kg suckler cow x 1.5kgs per day x 150 days in winter 225 kgs
150kg calf x 2 kgs per day x 150 days in winter 300 kgs
Livestock on farm
50 cows 11.25 tonne
45 calves 13.5 tonne
30 bullocks 9 tonne
Total concentrate needed over one winter 33.75 tonne
Savings per tonne €35
Savings per winter using bulk over bagged meal €1,180
The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: Bulk Bags, trailer, Transport And Storage

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