By: Grow Ireland  05/12/2011

Grotek Manufacturing is an international producer of premium hydroponics and traditional horticultural products and solutions for global commercial and domestic use. Grotek’s family of over 40 innovative products, include industry best sellers VitaMax, VitaMaxPlus, Rootmax, Monster Bloom, Blossom Blaster and Solo Tek. The Grotek family also includes an expanding line of popular earth safe products including  Fishplus and Bud Fuel.

Product innovation and quality control are the roots of Grotek’s success. The company’s high quality products are researched, developed and manufactured in Grotek’s new 25,000 square-foot facility in Langley, British Columbia. Grotek’s team of in-house scientists and technicians use the laboratory’s state-of-the-art technology to routinely test both new and existing products to ensure they meet rigorous quality standards that their customers have grown to expect.

Since 1992 BioBizz has been producing custom soil mixes, natural plant nutrients and additives for organic gardeners. From its legendary origin in Amsterdam to the present day, BioBizz is the most experienced and recognized supplier of premium plant food in its field. The BioBizz distinguished line of pro-environmental fertilizer is ideal for biological production of flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs as well as safely caring for ornamentals, trees and turf. Used on soil, coco-fibre, hydroponics and hydro-organics.

Our handheld and portable TDS, EC and pH testers are superior in construction and performance, yet made available at a very economic cost.

With HM Digital water testing instruments, you'll know if your water is pure.

We stock the TDS-EZ Water Quality Tester, the COM-100: Waterproof EC / TDS / Temp Combo Meter and the PH-200: Waterproof pH Meter. We also stock spare sensors, TDS/EC calibration and pH buffer solutions.