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By: Greenfeet  05/12/2011
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Industrial Lawn Care Services

Managing Director, Anthony Fitzpatrick discusses the Industrial Lawn Care product range offered by Greenfeet Lawn Care

At Greenfeet we are committed to providing a professional service second to none.

Greenfeet’s objective is to be the No. 1 nationwide grasscare care specialist for the commercial and private sector in Ireland, improve the customer quality of grass, ensuring no moss, ensuring no weeds, scarification, aeration, and growth regulation with top of the range fertilizer programme which will in turn reduce costs over large industrial areas by up to 50%. This will all be done at a very affordable price. The pricing will be per square meter and surrounding areas. Our aim is to grow in every county in Ireland.

The service that Greenfeet can provide are as follows :


1.Spring / Summer feed :
2.Selective herbicide for year round weed control
3.Autumn / Winter feed 
4.Moss control application
5.Options on growth regulation

Each of the above options can be used in accordance with the problem or problems on all Grass types / Lawn types. We are aware that the above would not always be practical in such large areas, but where the general public are viewing they could be beneficial. Each individual treatment can be carried out on specific areas and are open to discussion leading to treatment advice from ourselves. For example, options 1,2 and 5 can be taken as a package etc

Below is a brief explanation of all the options available to you.

First of all let me start with a brief synopsis of what grass care maintenance is being carried out at present. Agricultural fertilizers are currently being used to feed grassed areas. IE 10-10-20 or 18-6-12. These are ordinary agricultural fertilizers. 

Greenfeet will use only specially selected fertilizers from the amenity and horticultural range. These are slow release fertilizers as opposed to agricultural fertilizers which are very fast acting hence blowing the grass out of the ground. The longevity is therefore very short EG 3-4 weeks. This puts more pressure on machinery and creates soft growth weakening the plant and also more maintenance in general.

Cutting will be very frequent. Also your machinery will need to be used more if the growth is extremely quick. There will also be more clippings to break down as a result of the cutting. It represents bad value to you due to heavy leeching.  For example, heavy rainfall washes the nutrient through the soil which in turns creates leeching. This is due to the prill sitting on the surface and getting broken down by the heavy rain fall.Greenfeet  Essential Recommendations:

Spring / Summer Feed

This will be carried out using a slow release fertilizer hence longevity of 6-7 months. There will be a nice green up of your grass for this period. It will also not blow the grass out of the ground. It will promote even growth and good colour and is better for the root structures and the grass plant in general. It will also reduce maintenance and wear and tear on your surface. The release of slow release fertilizers is determined on 2 factors: moisture and temperature. 

Both these factors need to be in place for the release of the nutrients to take place. This is what makes this product so unique. This also generates better value for money as none of the product is wasted through the leeching process.

Selective Herbicide

The selective herbicide Greenfeet uses is used to eliminate all broadleaf weeds on all grassed areas such as Dandelions, Daisy’s, Buttercups, Creeping Sync file, Clover, Dock leaves, Thistles, Planthone, Yaro and many many more. This is beneficial as it leaves a clean surface which will enable the grass to take in the nutrients of the slow release fertilizers without the weeds competing for the nutrients. This will result in a denser healthier sword.

One treatment per year will be adequate to kill all broadleaf weeds. In badly contaminated situations the kill in year one will be guaranteed at 70-80% and year two 100%. For year round control the products must be used in consecutive years for the above to apply.

Autumn / Winter Feed

This operates on the same principle as the Spring / Summer feed except this fertilizer will have a higher K (Potassium) value to harden the leaf and strengthen the plant throughout the winter months. It will also create a good green up and build up the carbohydrates for the following season to give an exceptionally healthy plant.

Moss Control

Granular and liquid forms of moss control are available. The granular form comes in a 6-0-10 form with a 16% iron content which gives a good green up to grass areas while killing the unsightly moss at the same time. This means that as the moss is dying off the grass is getting stronger while making the sword out compete the grass in creeping situations. This will be applied with a spreader.

The liquid version will be megaton or spot lite. This will be applied by a sprayer. These can be used in very badly contaminated areas without varying the colour of the playing field. Application rates and hence price will depend on how badly contaminated the playing surface is.

All of the above are the basic requirements for Greenfeet to be able to guarantee you will have lush green grass with no weeds and no moss all year round. Below are outlined some of the extra options available to you to take your lawn to the next level.

The other options available to you will be :

Growth regulation

Growth regulation will be carried out with a product called Primo Max and the active ingredient is trinexapac-ethyl. This will slow the Gibberellic Acid in the plant which in turn shortens the internodes resulting in a stronger and denser sword. Now the topical growth goes back into the root of the plant which means stronger roots which in turn provides a stronger healthier plant and a denser sword. The main benefit of this is harder wearing lawn with up to 60 % less mowing. This will in turn significantly reduce your costs of mowing, maintenance etc. 

A basic pricing scale for the above would involve the following : it would be based on area and cents per square meters. For example, 1 hectare area would cost 5 c per square meter.

I think you can see the benefits of using Greenfeet Ltd on your grass from all of the above. However just to emphasise the point Greenfeet Ltd would be willing to come along to your area and feed 1 square metre so you can see the difference for yourself.

Greenfeet would like to emphasise the point in relation to the savings that can be achieved with growth regulation. As part of your package you can have healthy green grass all year round with no weeds and no moss leaving your green areas impeccably presented whilst actually saving yourself money over the course of the year. Greenfeet would also be on hand for any advice needed or queries you may have as a Greenfeet customer. 

All uniformed Greenfeet staff operating throughout different counties in Ireland are trained to carry out their duties in a standard manner with a high level of professionalism.  I myself will also take the responsibility in overseeing the quality of the work programme put in place and be answerable to any OPW body.


Keywords: grass

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