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By: Greener Energy Homes  05/12/2011
Keywords: energy efficiency, Air Tightness

Building Thermal Analysis

If you want to make improvements to the energy efficiency of an existing building a good place to start is with a Thermal Analysis. A Thermal Analysis is a review of the building fabric with a thermal imaging camera to determine how effective the insulation properties of the building elements are and to identify any problem areas. The thermal imaging can be applied to any building element from walls, roof, windows, doors and even the floor. The Thermal Analysis must be carried out by a trained and experienced operator as a good quality thermal imaging camera is a complex piece of equipment and is only as good as the operator who uses it.

Air Tightness Testing

From the 1st July 2008, all new buildings require an air-tightness test.  Air leakage is the uncontrolled flow of air through gaps and cracks in the fabric of the building. The way to measure this is by using blower door test equipment. Greener Energy Homes conduct these tests and recommend way to improve or rectify any weaknesses in the structure of the building.

Keywords: Air Tightness, energy efficiency

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BER New Dwellings | Greener Energy Homes

A’ being the most energy efficient, thus enabling them to take energy efficiency into consideration in their next house purchase or rental decision. The earlier a BER assessment is carried out in the design stage, the easier it is to incorporate more energy efficient materials and technologies. From the 1st January 2007 all new dwellings require a BER Certificate prior to occupancy.


BER Existing Dwellings | Greener Energy Homes

If you offer for sale or rent an existing property after the 1st of January 2009 then the property will have to have a Building Energy Rating Certificate. A’ being the most energy efficient, thus enabling them to take energy efficiency into consideration in their next house purchase or rental decision. Property owners wishing to rent or lease a dwelling will also require this certification.


Self Build Improvement Report | Greener Energy Homes

It’s worth noting that it is easier to incorporate some of these cost saving measures in the building phase, rather than having to try adding them, in later years. Once the plan is finalized we can meet with your builder and provide him with a plan on the best methods of construction, to achieve the optimum energy rating. A step by step plan on how your builder can achieve optimum energy rating for your home.


On-Site Inspections | Greener Energy Homes

We also provide a Site Inspection service that will ensure that best practice is being adhered to in incorporating energy saving methods in your new build, giving you peace of mind and value for your money.We recommend that visits are scheduled at these key stages to allow us to verify the correct use of materials and building practices.