Problems with a Slow Computer

By: Green Cloud Computers  05/12/2011

Do you have a Problem with a Slow Computer?

When you first use a New Computer, you immediately notice how quickly it performs its tasks. However, over time through general use, its performance will gradually start to slow down through wear and tear.

Poor performance of your Home or Business Computer can be caused by several issues.

Sometimes there may be something sinister causing problems behind the scenes, such as a Virus, Trojan Horse Program or other type of Malware (Malicious Software).

Or it could be Aging or Defective Hardware that is at fault.

  •      Are any of the following issues occurring on your Computer?
  •      Is your Computer performing slower than when you first bought it?
  •      Does it occasionally freeze or periodically reboot?
  •      Does it take an eternity to perform even the most basic of tasks?
  •      Have you experienced the dreaded Blue Screen of Death?

If so, then Contact Green Cloud Computers today to restore your computer to its former glory, whilst keeping all of your files and data intact.