Team Development

By: Greater Heights  05/12/2011

“The modest-sized, task-oriented, mainly self-managed team, should be the basic organisation building block”

Tom Peters, Thriving on Chaos

While team working has been widely adopted as a fundamental means of organising work, at Greater Heights our research and experience indicates that the potential impact of teams on the preformance of many organisations is significantly underexploited.  Most organisations fail to fully utilise what they already know about teams in any disciplined manner, such that the promise of superior performance in existing teams falls short of expectations, while the prospects offered by new team opportunities are rarely pursued.

Working in conjunction clients in the multinational, public and SME sectors, Greater Heights has developed an approach to high performance team development that is characterised by

(a) Integration of superior group behavioural techniques,

(b) Application of leading edge experiential Practice Fields®

(c) Incorporation of evidential support from contemporary best practice research

(d) Adoption of feedback learning processes as the key to achieving advanced outcomes

Other products and services from Greater Heights


Leadership Development

At Greater Heights we consider leadership as a process through we exercise influence over the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of other people. We regard leadership development to be mainly about self development - it's what we do with our selves that makes the difference. Leadership" is a word that is extensively used in our day-to-day lives, yet few people can articulate what it really means.


Emotional Intelligence Training

Defined as attributes that allow people, "to monitor one's own and others' feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them, and to use this information to guide one's thinking and action"*, EI skills are key qualities of leaders in organisations that excel.


Public Sector Interventions

Delivering training to Principal Officer’s in Presentation Skills, Stress Management, Performance and Leadership in The Department of Transport, the National Roads Authority and the Department of Agriculture. We work with client representatives to deliver training programmes designed by the individual organisation or design and deliver bespoke interventions in response to specific organisation needs.


Psychological Profiling

The choice of tools offered by Greater Heights links to our focus on advancing leadership potential and our facilitators have wide experience in applying these instruments in leadership development settings in a range of commercial and non-profit environments in Europe.