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By: Graffiti Solutions  05/12/2011
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Ten Years Protection from Graffiti

The Graffiti Solution System is known to reduce the level of graffiti your building receives or maybe even stop it completely. When your building is protected with the Graffiti Solution System if you see graffiti sprayed or written on your walls you simply remove the graffiti yourself, the GSS-10™ is a very simple valuable system, there is no need to hire special equipment, the cleaning is done by hand just like cleaning your window, when you remove the graffiti immediately this sends a message out to the graffiti taggers STOP you're wasting your time, this method really works, the quicker you remove the graffiti the less likely it is your building will receive any more graffiti. And if you can think of it this way people install security alarm systems in their premises to protect their property, they may never be burgled, but the system is there just in case, so if you could think of the Graffiti Solution System in exactly the same way it is a precaution, and a very secure precaution at that, that will see one installation protect your building for up to 25Years.

Image is important who likes to look at the low grade writing on any building or object. Graffiti does carry a negative energy it will affect your building and it will affect the people entering your building. Graffiti carries a fear based consciousness, which creates the same in the passer bye that looks at it, when you clean up this graffiti notice how it changes the environment of your space for the better.

Protection is the best policy to date because there are no other policies in place, clean up after clean up is very costly, repainting is also very costly and touch ups just lower the condition of your surface and just makes your building look run down, scared and exhausted. The Graffiti solution system will keep your premise in pristine condition. Ideally we would recommend that protection be put in place at design stages but sometimes this does not happened, new buildings are only being erected and as soon as the hording comes down graffiti beings, blank canvasses-beautiful stone ruined within days, and nothing in place no prevention no protection. Using this coating offers our customers a clean graffiti proof building with a natural appearance for a minimum of 10Years. The Graffiti Solution System will protect surfaces for up to 25Years.

The Service we provide:
We provide you the customer with a complete service. We base our service on respect and honesty, our Managing Director Derek Doyle insists that all of our company staff treat our customers as we would expect to be treated ourselves, so we expect the best for ourselves so why not give our best, and that's exactly what we do. This is why our present customers come back to us time and time again; one because our product is the best and secondly our service compliments our product. Because our product is so reliable we issue a 10Year performance warranty with each project. We issue you or your client with a graffiti proof building.

You then start removal of graffiti as soon as graffiti starts to appear on your building. We carry out a demo of removals prior to hand over and provide all relevant details on removal strategy & remover product (Erasol), our customer service is always at hand for advise, technical or just informational.

Our service and product is used by Shopping Centres, Shop keepers, Property Management Companies, Private Businesses, Local Authorities, Architects, Building Contractors, Restoration and Cleaning Companies.

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