Global Partnership Initiatives - Master Planning

By: Gpi  05/12/2011

Master Planning sets out the future of a nation or region.  A  Master Plan charts the major milestones in building a prosperous country/region for all the people, characterised by sustainable economic growth, greater social inclusion and balanced regional development.

Success of good planning is measured against Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which is set against each action. A monitoring group is required to drive and monitor progress on implementation of the plan and keep the stakeholders informed of the progress.

The actions of the Economic Plan are not ‘set in stone’. There is always opportunity for innovation and new ideas. The plan will be reviewed, monitored and evaluated regularly to ensure that the projects will yield results for the greater benefit of all.

GPI facilitates the preparation of National/Regional Development Planning.  Comprehensive Master Planning is essential to targeting areas of need and identifying areas of potential.  Master Planning is a process as opposed to a final document; it requires input from all of the current and potential stakeholders and a consultation process to identify the priorities and realities of the Nation/Region.  GPI will facilitate the process and then look to timeline the actions required to implement the development plan.  GPI will also monitor and evaluate the implementation of the process to ensure that maximum value is achieved.

Part of the Master Planning process is to streamline government services, attract investment, seek trade/employment opportunities, improve infrastructure, and improve quality of life for communities, through better education, healthcare, housing, and essential social facilities.

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Global Partnership Initiatives - Health

By making the transformation from traditional medicine to a modern and well structured healthcare system, many African countries have been able to meet the growing demands for quality healthcare services for their people. The healthcare sector in Africa is showing signs of remarkable improvement as the quality of hospitals and the availability of qualified doctors has dramatically improved over the last few years.


Global Partnership Initiatives - Education

Internal and external investment is often needed to assist in the delivery of a high quality education system, GPI is assisting it partners in implementing delivery plans and seeking funding partners to invest in education. Quality education equips and empowers boys and girls with the knowledge and skills needed to lead healthy lives, protect themselves against illness and decease and shape the course of their futures.


Global Partnership Initiatives - Trade

While Africa faces tremendous challenges on the road to integration into the world trading system, there is more to Africa’s trade performance than meets the eye. Helping to create employment, stimulate the local economy, provide income generation opportunities, training and also have a social contribution for communities.


Global Partnership Initiatives - Business Development & Finance

GPI is primarily working with Public Private Partnerships however we are also working with private enterprises assisting them to obtain the funding they require to take advantage of potential opportunities. We offer years of experience in working with state and semi state bodies, joint ventures, partnerships, introducing and facilitating the trade agreements and distributorships.


Global Partnership Initiatives - Information Technology

It is widely recognized that without embracing information and communications technologies , the development gap between Africa and the rest of the world will continue to expand. Africa can exploit these technologies to become fully integrated into the global economy and accelerate socio-economic development. Information and knowledge have increasingly become essential resources and raw materials in the global networked economy.


Global Partnership Initiatives - Environment

Several countries in the region have implemented highly innovative community-based approaches to improve the management of their natural resource base and to extend the economic benefits to lower income households. Sub-Saharan Africa has abundant natural resources that can be a major contributor to sustained economic growth. Rapid urbanization and industrialization also create new environmental challenges.


Global Partnership Initiatives - Infrastructure

GPI has a dedicated and vastly experienced team of master planners, architects, consultants, engineers and construction companies with proven records of delivering internationally acclaimed projects on time and within budget. In order to assist economic stimulation and growth, satisfy business and social requirements dedicated infrastructural planning and implementation is essential.