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By: Gomo News  05/12/2011

Rating: Beware of Netflix malware – Android.Fakeneflic

There’s a healthy debate going on as to how vulnerable mobile phones are becoming to attacks from viruses and malware. The FT () has just reported figures from which claims that between January and June [2011], there was a 250 per cent increase in the likelihood of users encountering malware on their mobile devices. By comparison, Juniper Networks says Google Android malware samples grew 400 per cent between June 2010 and January 2011. Against this, Craig Scroggie who is md for the Pacific region operations with Symantec, has stated that the overall volume of mobile threats remains low compared to computer-based threats. Writing in the Technology Spectator, he claimed, “It is not accurate to say the anticipated ‘explosion’ has occurred.”

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They now do far more than just communications – thanks to location technology, bluetooth, NFC, cameras and other “sensor” technology, the devices can be used for more than just sending information. Many consumers now carry extremely advanced devices in their pocket as a matter of course. As mobile technology becomes more sophisticated.


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