Clearview - product details

By: Golden River  05/12/2011

M671 Weigh-in-Motion system:
Monitor loads with minimum disruption

With the size and weight of vehicles steadily increasing, traffic engineers need tools to enable them to measure the weight of the vehicles travelling along the road, without causing unnecessary inconvenience to road users.

By utilising the Marksman 671 WIM system, engineers can measure with high levels of accuracy, the weight of vehicles travelling at normal highway speeds.

  • Proven reliability and accuracy delivers dependable traffic data
  • Designed to be installed in standard equipment housings allowing simple integration with other units
  • Wide range of report formats to allow integration with existing systems and analysis tools
  • Can be used to protect structures


  • Utilises highly accurate Kistler sensors
  • Historic and real time reporting capabilities
  • Stand alone or used as part of a comprehensive solution
  • User friendly configuration and management application