Go2mobile Corporate Text Messaging: Business+ SMS 2 Email

By: Go2mobile  05/12/2011

Go2mobile Business+ presents you with a comprehensive infrastructure for mobile messaging, the most advanced mobile messaging service available.

Send & Receive Information to and from any number of mobile phones from:

  • Internet Web Pages

  • Intranet Web Pages

  • Systems Monitoring Software

  • Databases

What can it do for you?

No additional software, hardware, or development work is necessary.

  • High speed message delivery

  • Online message tracking and archive search facility via our Member Zone

  • Full back-up systems in place for peace of mind

  • 24/7 monitoring of all systems

What are the typical applications?

  • Sales leads

  • Service calls

  • Contact Information

  • Enquiries

  • News

Other products and services from Go2mobile


Go2mobile Corporate Text Messaging Group SMS

The following is a suite of our Online Group Messaging products that have various features so that we can provide you with a solution to meet your specific requirements.


Go2mobile Corporate Text Messaging: Monitoring Alerts

Monitor+ allows the oncall personnel to send a response back to indicate that the message has been received and is being dealt with. You can monitor any process or application and have the alert sent as a text message to your on-call personnel. Reliable and highly efficient service from Ireland?s leading supplier of text messaging solutions.


Go2mobile Corporate Text Messaging Marketing Media SMS

Feature Rich: Web based Service- No hardware or software to be installed: High Speed and reliable message delivery: Online message tracking: Ease of Implementation. We have 7 main marketing/media services. All products are platform independent.


Go2mobile Corporate Text Messaging Machine2Machine SMS FTP HTTPPost

All products are platform independent.


Go2mobile Corporate Text Messaging Bespoke Solutions

Go2mobile has a History of creating messaging solutions to specific client requirements. Go2mobile has created many specific web app services for devices such as the Blackberry. We have a proven record of doing joint proposals with network operators such as O2. We also work with other companies in bidding for contracts.


Go2mobile Corporate Text Messaging

Sports Clubs and Gyms use it remind players of training schedules, remind fans of supporter events, remind fans of match schedules etc. Promotional companies use it on behalf of their clients to increase brand effectiveness & customer interactiveness. Particularly useful for florists or other business centring on occasions and festivals. Businesses use it to remind employees of upcoming meetings.