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By: Go2mobile  05/12/2011
Keywords: Corporate Text Messaging

  • Sports Clubs and Gyms use it remind players of training schedules, remind fans of supporter events, remind fans of match schedules etc.

  • Medical appointment reminders.

  • Distribution companies use it to schedule bank holiday schedules in advance- for example you can preplan all messages for bank holidays with reminders to suppliers that they need to have their feed stocks sent in by a Friday, for example.

  • Refuse and recycling companies use it to remind their customers of collection schedules.

  • Marketing companies use it for planning various messages in a campaign.

  • Concert promotion companies use it as an event reminder.

  • Promotional companies use it on behalf of their clients to increase brand effectiveness & customer interactiveness. Particularly useful for florists or other business centring on occasions and festivals.

  • Recruitment companies use it to remind interviewees of job interviews automatically.

  • Businesses use it to remind employees of upcoming meetings.

  • Colleges/Schools use it to remind students/parents/staff of exam date reminders, meeting reminders, extra tutorials.

  • Keywords: Corporate Text Messaging

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