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By: Global Secure Systems  05/12/2011
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Welcome to the Global Secure Systems product portfolio. The following pages will give you all the information you need to know regarding the IT security solutions that we provide. Directly select the product you're after using the links below, or learn more about a specific category choosing from the Category homepage links.

Tape drives and media frequently fail, magnetic tapes are susceptible to the oxide flaking off after a period of time. According to one of the largest..

Internet connection is no longer a nice to have, but a business critical tool. Bandwidth management covers two major areas of concern for organisation..

The marketplace has long moved on from the concept of just security to 'Unified Corporate Governance'. This broader term covers all aspects of informa..

The internet has become a critical resource employees rely on to get their jobs done. Employees use the web to perform research and gather information..

Networks and personal computers need to be protected from vandals (malicious mobile code, Trojans, worms, VB/JavaScript), viruses, data exposure and i..

In the modern-day information society, the need for secure encryption of data grows ever stronger. As more and more sensitive data is digitised and re..

 Firewalls control the flow of data between two networks. Normally associated with protecting a network against attack from the Internet, firewal..

In the past, IT security was designed mainly to keep people out of a network. Today, more and more of these internal applications need to be exposed a..

The sheer number of threats and intrusions to corporate IT systems has grown phenomenally in the past few years and today's security risks are complex..

Companies incorporate High Availabilty solutions into their networks to achieve redundancy, speed and dynamic load balancing for their WANs, especiall..

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have been developed to allow the use of a public network, such as the Internet, for secure communication. There are es..

The demand for comprehensive security management solutions has never been greater. Enterprises around the globe are looking to implement the same oper..

Because of increased employee mobility and the growing number of end-user network-capable devices, tracking and controlling network access has become ..

Dealing with the volume of security vulnerabilities that your organisation faces presents real problems.  Finding and prioritising the sheer volu..

In a world in which connectivity accelerates the rate of change and creates new demands for business agility, there is an increasing requirement for I..

GSS supply military grade, certified secure networking equipment. This equipment is deployed by defence organisations around the world to enable secur..

Keywords: it security, Load Balancing, security, Security Management, Tape Drives

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Backup Solutions

Disk to Disk backup technology eliminates the need for manual intervention that comes with traditional tape backup systems, including physically labelling, boxing, shipping and tracking tape media. GSS offer a range of disk to disk backup products that outperform tape drives and libraries in performance, reliability, scalability, ease of use and functionality.


Idealstor Backup Solutions

The Idealstor 2 Bay Backup Appliance is designed for the small to medium sized business who is looking for increased backup capacity coupled with the speed and flexibility provided by disk based backups. Idealstor offers backup solutions that are designed to take advantage of the increasing capacity, reliability and functionality of hard drives.


Bandwidth Management

Blue Coat provides a family of intelligent appliances, along with a suite of powerful software applications, that work together to give IT organizatio.. Juniper Networks' high-performance network infrastructure helps businesses create a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment..


Blue Coat Systems Bandwidth Management

Blue Coat provides a family of intelligent appliances, along with a suite of powerful software applications, that work together to give IT organizations the ability to effectively control security and performance for all users and applications.


Juniper Networks Bandwidth Management

The public sector, including military, intelligence and civilian agencies, and public institutions, rely on Juniper to ensure that their network securely and efficiently delivers the critical services that inform and protect citizens.


Radware Bandwidth Management

Radware's OnDemand Switch enables customers to pay for the exact capacity currently required, while allowing them to scale their ADC throughput capacity and add advanced application-aware services or application acceleration services on demand to meet new or changing application and infrastructure needs - without compromising on performance.