Idealstor Backup Solutions

By: Global Secure Systems  05/12/2011
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Idealstor Backup Solutions

Idealstor offers backup solutions that are designed to take advantage of the increasing capacity, reliability and functionality of hard drives. All Idealstor systems use disk like tape, not only as a target for backups, but as physically portable backup media.

Product Highlights

  • Backup using 1-8 ejectable bays providing capacities from 80GB-16TB. Any capacity SATA disk can be used to deliver a solution targeted to your backup needs.
  • Disks are prepared for safe removal using hardware, software and the Idealstor protective caddy and carrying case.
  • Data can be replicated to the other disks in the system or physically removed to be taken offsite for backup and disaster recovery.
  • Backup speeds up to 300MB/second per disk over the network and even faster when performing restores. Multiple backups can be run simultaneously.
  • Drives that are warranted up to 3 years by industry leading drive manufacturers. Compare that to your tapes and the annual cost savings in media alone is staggering.

The Idealstor 2 Bay Backup Appliance is designed for the small to medium sized business who is looking for increased backup capacity coupled with the speed and flexibility provided by disk based backups. The 2 Bay has two ejectable SATA Drives that allow companies to back up and restore using two dr..

The Idealstor 4 Bay Backup Appliance was designed for the medium to large sized business that is looking to backup and restore more data faster. The backup capacity of the 4 bay can be scaled up to 8TB of removable disk capacity. This product comes standard with two Gigabit Ethernet ports providing ..

The Idealstor 6 Bay Backup Appliance is the first of two products designed to handle the intense storage needs of the enterprise customer. This unit comes standard with two gigabit ethernet ports and dual Intel Xeon dual Core Processors which allow for faster speeds to backup and restore. The 6 Bay ..

Designed strictly for the Enterprise. The Idealstor 8 Bay Backup Appliance is a 4U rackmount backup device running Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 on Dual Intel Xeon Dual Core processors with hyper threading and 2GB of error correcting code memory. The 8 Bay is designed to be the fastest and most scalabl..

Idealstor Ibac for Windows is a data protection software solution for the most demanding business needs. Its scalability, performance, and reliability make it an ideal backup solution for enterprise networks..

The Teralyte was designed with the SMB in mind and for the first time offers an affordable and portable disk backup solution. The Teralyte combines the speed of SATA disks with the portability of tape by using disk media for both backup and offsite storage. ..

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