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1. Mussels:

The Blue mussel (Mytlus edulis) (Diuilcin), a native species of Irish waters is one of the main species cultivated by Irish aquaculture Industry. A bivalve (two shelled) filter feeding mollusc, it thrives in the cold temperate waters of the Irish coast. Mussels being filter feeders, they rely on natural food present in the water column. Bottom culture of mussels dredges wild mussel spat and transports it in richer shallower waters, normally sandy beds, to harvest them 9-18 months later.

Suspended culture is where mussels grow on vertical hanging ropes suspended from long lines or rafts.

Mussels were once known as the poor man’s oyster! They are most often steamed, although they are wonderful grilled, baked, stewed or sautéed. They are extremely high in protein, calcium and iron, but low in fat and calories. They are also excellent for your heart, containing higher levels of omega3 (the naturally occurring fatty acid believed to lower blood pressure) than any other shellfish.
We only stock the natural bottom culture mussels, (better known as wild mussels, as the mussel spat grows to maturity in a natural environment) which we buy from the Cromane Mussel farmers. Cromane is famous for its natural mussels. Castlemaine harbour holds one of the largest natural mussel beds in Ireland.

2a. Irish Breaded Mussels with Garlic and Herb ....

2b. Irish Breaded Mussels with a Cajun Seasoning :

We have prepared for you two convenient ready meals of steamed mussels in the half-shell covered in a delicious buttery garlic crumb (Breaded Mussels with Garlic & Herb) or delicious buttery cajun flavoured crumb (Breaded Mussels with a Cajun Seasoning) . All you have to do is remove the packaging. Put the mussels on a preheated grill tray covered with foil (to catch the crumbs) and toast for about 10 minutes. Can be eaten on their own or with a side-salad or with whatever you fancy.

3. Oysters:
Ireland has a long history with Oysters. The first trace of flat oyster fishing dates since the 13th Century. Oysters have many qualities. Their meat is delicate with a succulent texture and a crisp taste with a slight iodine flavour. These qualities have conquered the passion of many connoisseurs.

Native Irish Flat Oysters: (Ostrea edulis) Sourced from Fenit Harbour in Tralee Bay. Native oysters are considered to be a great luxury due to being a relatively scarce species.

They are in season from September to April when there is an “R” in the month

We suggest these special oysters be eaten “Au Naturelle” with maybe a simple French dressing of finely chopped shallot and red wine vinegar.
Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas : (Oisre) This type of oyster also known as cupped or rock oysters was introduced into Ireland in the early 1970’s to help in the decline of the native oyster production.

4. Clams:
We stock the Manila Clam (Tapes sermidecassata) sometimes known as the "Bottleneck Clam". Manila clams are the sweetest and probably the smallest hard-shell clams you will find in the market, making them the favourite of many professional chefs.

On receipt of a consignment, we wash grade and purify all bivalve molluscs (mussels, oysters and Clams) in our purpose built Depuration centre. Mussels need to be purified for up to 42 hours to remove dangerous E-coli from their digestive system. This treatment is achieved by running the filtering seawater continuously circulating through ultraviolet lights as per current EU regulations on the hygiene of foodstuffs.

Areas classified as 'Class B' are those areas from which live bivalve molluscs may be collected and only placed on the market for human consumption after treatment in a purification centre or after relaying so as to meet the health standards referred to in current EU regulations.

After purification, our stocks are now guaranteed safe and ready for market. We bag according to your requirements and then tag with a waterproof Health Tag showing all relevant information from our EU Approval Number, Batch number, our unique traceability to date your product is packed.

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