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By: Gillian O Sullivan  05/12/2011
Keywords: fitness, lose weight

Gillian offers a range of different Client programmes including:

Fitness/Weight loss/Toning

Get fitter, lose weight and get more toned. Nutrition advice also included. Make changes to your current lifestyle and maintain this change for the future.

Health Concerns

High Blood Pressure/High Cholesterol/Diabetes/Obesity/Back Pain/Arthritis

Increased fitness and better eating habits will help alleviate these health issues. The change to your health will be felt immediately.

Wedding Prep

Brides/Grooms/Bridesmaids/Mother of the Bride

Make sure you look your best and feel confident on this important day.

Pre and Post Baby Fitness

Maintain level of fitness whilst pregnant. Fitness will help you deal with the challenges ahead both mentally and physically.

Once the baby arrives and you feel ready, start a fitness programme that is safe and is based on steady progress.

Sport specific development

Specific strength conditioning, speed work and mentoring for 16-20 age group to excel in their given sport.

Older Adults 60+

Maintain fitness and strength through light cardio and light weights. This programme will help maintain muscle structure, toning and prevent against osteoporosis. Nutrition advice also included.

Keywords: fitness, lose weight