Best practice content management solutions from Gerry McGovern

By: Gerry Mcgovern  05/12/2011

Customer-centric, task-focused websites
masterclasses and consulting

You want to create a more customer-centric, task-focused intranet or public website, but they're not listening to you. You are a prophet in your own land. Gerry McGovern can help you get your ideas across. He is an inspiring, thought-provoking, honest and humorous speaker who will help you achieve your objectives.

Gerry McGovern has published four books and spoken in 35 countries on web content management. He can deliver:

  • Short talks to senior managers
  • One and two-day public masterclasses
  • Customized in-house masterclasses
  • Webinars (virtual masterclasses delivered over the Web)

Gerry McGovern can help you create:

  • A more customer-focused website: Create a website that is truly customer-centric; that speaks customer language, not organization language.
  • Manage with facts, not opinions: No more endless debates about what should and shouldn't be on your website. You get hard, defensible, compelling data that shows exactly what your customers want--and don't want.
  • A simpler website: Strip away all the filler content from your website. Create a clean, lean website that focuses on exactly what your customers care most about.

Pricing starts at €6,000 per day for a customized masterclass. Expenses, such as travel and accommodation, are extra. Pricing for customized webinars starts at €3,500.

Jared Spool of UIE Conference interviews Gerry McGovern

"One of the most popular speakers in the history of our User Interface Conference is Gerry McGovern," Jared Spool states. "Certainly most of that popularity is thanks to Gerry’s no-nonsense, customer-centric approach to content management strategy."