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By: Gerry Cahill  05/12/2011

Messaging 365 ()
8th May 2011: See Sunday Business Post article on 'Setting Your Sights Overseas'.

Armour Interactive (
Sunday Business Post, 7th Nov. 2010. "We' are not shy about looking for help and we always try to take advice on board. While in the co-op, we had a mentor from Enterprise Ireland who met us for five or six sessions and discussed things like sales strategies and how to react to clients in meetings.." - Jamie Casey, co-founder Armour Interactive, 

Nordigo (
Nordigo invented 'Ergostop', a Dyson Award winning braking system for wheelchairs. They also supply novel wheelchair propulsion systems, which make it easier for the user to propel the wheelchair, get more exercise and help the person pushing the wheelchair. The company was featured in the Irish tv programme 'Nationwide' during September, 2010 and on 'The Business' radio programme, presented by George Lee in October, 2010. 

Maithú (
Winner of the prestigious Gnó Gaeilge na Bliana for Best Irish Business in 2010.

Calom Technologies (
In 2009, Calom won the Dublin Emerging Company category in the Intertrade Ireland Seedcorn Competition. The company was also nominated for the Irish Software Association's (ISA) Best Emerging Business Award 2009.

Sxoop (
A member of the Irish Times Top 50 Technology companies.

High Potential Start-Up (HPSU), companies in Ireland.

Ozonetech, Block5Design, MPH Initiatives

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Gerry Cahill Consulting: innovation

Innovation Advice..including identifying and making submissions for funding to carry out Marketplace Assessment. Help the management team to prepare the Business plan, based on best international business practices. Advise on design and operational capabilities to be comparable with international competitors. Assist SMEs to comply with industrial compliance and develop good environmental practices.


Gerry Cahill Consulting: market_intro

The Acumen Graduate Programme aims to increase a company’s awareness, understanding and capability to trade on a cross-border basis by working with a high calibre graduate to assess the market potential and develop a strategic marketing/sales approach. As an alternative to hiring a full-time person in the target cross-border market, the InterTradeIreland Acumen programme can also offer companies Prospector Support.