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By: Geoworkz  05/12/2011
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Language technology has historically been a delicate and expensive balancing act for translation agencies, who need to align with both their customers and their collaborators. This often requires expensive on-site licensing supported by an equally expensive infrastructure. Planning upgrades across customers and collaborators is another challenge, with compatibility and version control issues galore. Until now.

Translation Workspace is the industry’s first on-demand, subscription-based, translation technology solution. Powered by Lionbridge’s proven and acclaimed technology, Translation Workspace lets you drive your business with usage-based subscription models, based on a proven, high-performance, secure, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) infrastructure.

Smart Pay-as-you-Go Subscriptions

Only the Translation Workspace gives you the flexibility to run your business your way, without penalizing you when you grow. While other translation memory tools force you to make major upfront investments and endure lengthy deployment cycles, Translation Workspace is different. We get it – we know the translation business is inherently volatile, with periods of greater and lesser work tied to customer needs and content lifecycles. That’s particularly true for agencies that must serve the language needs of customers and scale up with a mix of in-house and freelance expertise.

That’s why Translation Workspace is the first and only solution of its kind that offers monthly and annual pricing on all subscriptions. You control both the amount of work you want to process and the number of users you need. If your workload changes, you can change your subscription at any time.   And, of course, pay-as-you-go pricing means you’re always ready to accept new opportunities and grow your business – without worrying about the cash-flow impact of large, upfront commitments.

Reduce Software Costs and Upgrade Hassles with On-Demand Functionality

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is quickly becoming the standard for many applications. With Translation Workspace, you have access to all the functionality on-demand including upgrades! This means translators can use superior technology without the expenses and headaches of deploying software. As a web based solution, Translation Workspace requires no infrastructure and no up-front costs.

No More Compatibility Problems

When your freelancers are also Translation Workspace subscribers, you don’t incur any additional licensing costs. Innovative Asset AliasingTM lets you work seamlessly with freelance translators, without the cost, overhead, or risk of providing licenses for them. Forget worrying about which version of the software they use or version compatibility headaches. Everyone uses the same software all the time.

Real-time Visibility on Projects

Translation Workspace gives you real-time visibility into progress of your work. No more hoping a translator or reviewer hits a deadline - and scrambling when they don't. With Translation Workspace, you see the status of every project, and the execution of every translation.

Live Assets™Deliver Lower Costs & Higher Quality

Most TM tools run a routine analysis of source files against a static TM, but what about the new entries in the TM that occur during the translation process? At best, they capture repetitions within a project. Translation Workspace captures every segment in real-time so any new segment for a project that is either a repetition or a fuzzy match is captured during the analysis, an analysis that can predict what will be in your TM during the live translation process. The result? Lower new word counts, greater consistency, and lower translation costs. Only Translation Workspace gives you that insight.

An E-Commerce Gateway to Translation Workspace

Throughout our site, you can find comprehensive resources that enable agencies like yours to get the most from a Translation Workspace subscription. You’ll find information, training materials, product tours, free trials, and other resources to get started and improve your productivity.  In addition, you can manage your account, track usage, access training, download documentation, and submit questions to the customer success team.

The GeoWorkz Directory

Every moment spent looking for new clients is time not spent on billable activities and that adds to the overhead of running a translation business. The GeoWorkz Directory can help by matching buyers and suppliers on Translation Workspace. Inclusion in the Directory is optional and you control your profile. When Translation Workspace customers come looking for a language service provider, they'll know that you have the expertise and experience to meet their needs!

Keywords: Translation Technology

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When a subscriber opens a segment for the first time – either a single segment during an interactive translation or a collection of segments during pre-translation – the system deducts the number of source words in the opened segments from the balance of words in the subscriber's plan.


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Get everything that Translation Workspace offers: your own tenancy so you can begin translating on Translation Workspace today, as well as the ability to create and receive Asset Aliases to collaborate with customers and suppliers. If a subscriber is identified as having more than one 30-day free trial, Lionbridge will request the subscriber upgrade their trial to a paid plan.


GeoWorkz - For Enterprises

With response times measured in milliseconds, Translation Workspace enables globally distributed teams of linguists to dramatically increase throughput compared to competitive translation productivity systems. With Translation Workspace, you can finally leverage an industry-scale, resource-rich solution that provides live, interactive access to language assets. Everyone works within their own secure environment on the same global platform.


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By hosting your linguistic assets as Live AssetsTM, they become instantly available to your globally distributed teams, enabling them to contribute to and reference the linguistic assets in real time, introducing key efficiencies into the production process. Fast and scalable, the Translation Workspace provides anywhere, anytime access to Translation Memory and glossary assets.


GeoWorkz - For Freelancers

Yet, too often, the cost and limitations of current translation memory technology are a barrier to new business, with expensive upfront prices, confusing upgrade paths, and limited connections to customers' technology. In addition, you can manage your account, track usage, access training, download documentation, and submit questions to the customer success team.


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From basic plans with one license and an introductory number of words, to robust plans for multiuser agencies and enterprises, you will find the right fit for your Translation Workspace needs. Whether you are a freelance translator, a localization agency or an enterprise localization customer, you will find a plan that fits your needs.