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By: Geosolutions  05/12/2011

ESRI ArcGIS is one of the leading desktop GIS software in the world. Built on industry standards, it provides exceptional, yet easy-to-use capabilities out of the box.

The software provides core mapping and GIS functionality, geographic data visualisation, query, analysis, as well as the capability to create and edit geographic data.

The capabilities of ArcGIS can be extended with a range of extensions to build on the core functionality:

Spatial Analyst - to interrogate and analyse grid data sets

3D Analyst - build and visualise 3 dimensional models

GeoStatistical Analyst - statistics in a spatial environment

...and many more.

Choose the add-ons to suit your requirments.

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GeoSolutions - Services Available

These cover both ESRI products, and also bespoke training courses on GeoSolutions products, or tailored courses for using GIS in a specific application area. Our team of consultants can offer full support and helpdesk facilities to ensure clients gain maximum benefit from their GIS implementation. As with any software product or solution, a good grounding in its functionality is essential to gain maximum benefit from it.