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By: Gaservice  05/12/2011
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What is a boiler Service?

It is checking, cleaning, testing and pre-emptive fault spotting with the emphasis on testing all the different functions of an appliance for correct and safe operation.

Companies come in two extremes

Unfortunately, different companies  have widely differing ideas about what should be done to service a gas boiler.

At one extreme, some (bigger) companies have their engineers do no more than put a probe into the flue outlet to analyse the contents; and, if all is well, announce the gas boiler is working correctly, and start writing an invoice. Their short-cutting can often be spotted by looking carefully at the wording of their offering. When you ask for a “Boiler Service” you will instead be offered an “Annual Safety Check”, misleading you into thinking you are getting a full annual service.

At the other extreme, there are gas installers who check the gas pipework, ventilation, clearences, etc, then take everything to pieces to clean and reassemble. They then go on to spend time testing the operation of every single aspect of the boiler functions for safe and correct operation.

We fall firmly into the second group.


Although you may pay annually to have your gas boiler serviced, you could actually save money by having it done on a regular basis. The main reason for this is that deposits build up inside the boilder and central heating system. These reduce the efficiency of the system, which means higher gas bills for you. An annual service from a reputable tradesman will include a thorough clean of any dirty parts or deposits, bringing your boiler’s efficiency level back up.

Regular servicing also greatly reduces the risk of a breakdown.


It is essential to have your gas boiler serviced once a year because while modern boilers are icredibly safe and higly unlikely to have safety issues after installation, there is alway s a small chance that something can go wrong. An annual gas bolier service greatly reduces the chances of a problem and makes the odds of an incident unlikely.

Potential issues are usually leak realted. A tiny leak of carbon monoxide can cause headache and nausea, and my go unnoticed. A greater leak can be fatal.

Keywords: Gas Appliance, Gas Boiler, Gas Boiler Servicing