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By: Galwaypc  05/12/2011
Keywords: hardware, Virus

Personal Training:

Advice & Best Practise:

Security & Virus Protection:

PC / Laptop System Performance:

Additional Services:


Personal Training:

                PC / Laptop Setup Set-Up

                E-Mail Account Set-up / Hotmail / Yahoo / Gmail

                PC Applications

                Bebo / MySpace / Freewebs / 

                Digital Photo & Music Upload

                Document & File Management

Advice & Best Practise:

                Internet Set-Up

                Install / Uninstall Software

                What Anti Virus and Spyware Software to Use?

                What Service Provider to Use in My Area?

                What Laptop/PC to Purchase and from Whom?

                What Printer/Scanner/Peripherals to Purchase?

                System Back-Up & Restore

Security & Virus Protection:

                User Account Administration

                Anti Virus & Spyware Installation

                Anti Virus & Spyware Software Installation (Freeware)

                Virus & Spyware Removal

PC / Laptop System Performance:

                Improve System Performance

                System Tools

                Disk Cleanup

                Disk Defragmentation

Additional Sevices:

On Request:

Printing (A4 output only)

Scanning All Documents, Photos etc

Cable Management

PC / Laptop / Screen Cleaning


                Dismantle & Set-up All Hardware

                Secure Transport of All Computer Related Hardware

                Backup Prior to Move

Unwanted Hardware:

                Clear Down System Information

Decommission & Removal of Hardware

Keywords: hardware, Virus