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By: Ergowize  05/12/2011
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Organisations can be subdivided by department,  location or whatever means best suits the reporting of DSE. With staff grouped together into smaller numbers, there is more control over roll out and the resources required to deal with any risk assessment concerns raised.

Easy compliance managementBy using ErgoWize, a greater number of DSE users can be trained and assessed in a shorter space of time as the process is less resource intensive. The traditional paper trail is elimiated as individual employee training and risk assessment records, along with follow-up action taken to resolve any concerns raised are saved centrally for easy compliance management.

Following up on Risk Assessment concerns
The user friendly nature of ErgoWize means training Health & Safety staff to follow up on risk assessment concerns can be completed in 10-15 minutes. No need for lots of intensive software training, staff are up and running and resolving risk quicker.

The ErgoWize Task List in O-LAS quickly sorts risk, helping Health & Safety staff identify and prioritise users that need urgent attention. Risk can be sorted based on the number of outstanding high, medium, low risk issues or by the total number of unresolved issues an individual has.

ErgoWize can also flag up risk trends allowing for commonly occurring risk assessment concerns to be identified and dealt with as one.

In-house customisation

ErgoWize offers the lowest cost of ownership in the market place as any ongoing customisation of the training and risk assessment can be carried out by a customer's own Health & Safety staff.

For a successful long term investment in DSE software it's vital that the risk assessment questionnaire can be easily adpated. New technologies and changes in recognised best practice may require questions to be added or taken out of the risk assessment. Being able to trial and edit questions to ensure the wording is clear can make a big difference in the amount of concerns that staff generate.

Whilst ErgoWize customers can edit every aspect of the DSE risk assessment at any time, historical answers to questions are maintained and can still be resolved even when a question has been deleted from the latest version of the risk assessment.

Benefits to your organisation

    • Quickly collates and analyses completed assessments
    • Efficiently resolve common issues
    • Record, manage and implement control measures
    • Quick access to training records for easy compliance tracking
    • Secure storage of sensitive information

    Request a trial
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Keywords: Dse Software, Health & Safety, online training, risk assessment, Safety Staff,

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ErgoWize Ultra Overview

On average customers using ErgoWize reduce the amount of time spent following up on DSE risk assessment issues by between 60% and 90% compared with their previous manual process or even other DSE software solutions. This massive time saving means that staff who were responsible for following up on DSE related issues, can dedicate more time to their other work related responsibilities.


ErgoWize Remote Managed Services

Whilst ErgoWize has been designed to make the system administration as easy as possible, some organisations prefer us to manage some or all of these tasks for them, either initially or on an ongoing basis.This does free up Health & Safety staff to concentrate fully on resolving the DSE related risks.


DSE Regulations, risk assessment – Ergonomics, Workstation DSE/VDU software training

EssentialSkillz software is a very effective learning tool that has proved extremely valuable in training our employees across Europe.


Introduction to DSE, the DSE Regulations & Compliance

The regulations also state that staff should be re-assessed if there is reason to suspect that the previous assessment is no longer valid or if there has been a significant change to the workstation since the last assessment took place. The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations ensure that all display screen equipment users are risk assessed.


DSE Training

Staff who know how to identify DSE issues and adjust their workstation correctly are less likely to develop work related upper limb disorders, which means less absenteeism and a reduction in the risk of litigation for the organisation. ErgoWize is the perfect way to deliver DSE Training as users are in the right place to make any small adjustments required to their workstation as they learn.


DSE Risk Assessment

Customisable assessments We have designed the ErgoWize Risk Assessment so that customers can adapt and amend the questionnaire at any time, even post roll-out, to reflect changing environments, technologies and the unique nature of their own operation.