Products at Biomonitor

By: Biomonitor  05/12/2011

Products at Biomonitor

The products are based upon the “gene reporter” technology which allows the precise measurement and/or sensitive detection of cytokine bioactivity in complex biological fluids in an easy, simple and rapid test format.

The manufacturing site in Ireland has been certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 13485:2003 for the design and manufacture of cell based assays for the detection of proteins.

The products can be used by both the physician and research investigator in studies to gain a more thorough understanding of certain disease states and also to allow for the optimization of individual patient therapy.

Uses of iLite™ cell-based assays

Ø bioactivity measurement

is a simple and rapid test for the detection and quantification
of the biological activity of Type I human IFNs. iLite™ IFN alphabeta test can detect
as little as 0.8 IU of IFNα bioactivity per ml of sample. The effective measurement
range (i.e., linear dose response) is from 1.6 IU per ml to approximately 200 IU per
ml of sample. Both of these assay parameters are dependent upon length of
incubation time.

Ø immunogenicity testing

iLite TM technology has been adapted to detect and quantify neutralizing
antibodies (NAbs) to Interferon alpha and beta in a robust, reliable and easy to
use format using the following kits:

Application of iLiteTM cell-based assays

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