By: Windtech Ireland  05/12/2011
Keywords: wind turbines, Maintenance Technicians, Associate Companies

Windtech Ireland offers an alternative to O&M based service and maintenance of wind turbines.

We will provide both scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance offering practical and profitable experience. We are able to source alternative suppliers of components and minimise costs to the owner. When possible we would refurbish major components such as gearboxes and generators and have associate companies with experience in gear manufacture within the wind industry. Alternatively we can provide upgraded gear boxes at competitive rates.

The technicians have to perform the needed overhaul/service as quickly and correctly as possible, in order to get the wind turbines back on track again as quickly as possible The same reality is valid for the competitive industry of today. Compare a maintenance stop, a machine break down, or a machine installation to a pit stop at the racing track. The maintenance technicians stop the machine (STOP), perform maintenance (OVERHAUL) and start up the machine again (START). The faster they perform the three above-mentioned steps, the faster the machine is back on track producing again.



        Service team performing general maintenance                               Interval blade inspections being carried out

Gearbox change being carried out

Keywords: Associate Companies, Gear Manufacture, Maintenance Technicians, wind turbines