By: Novel Management Consulting  05/12/2011

    Our Services

To effectively address our clients needs, we focus on two broad

areas of management and marketing assistance:

1. Consultancy - Mentorship -Direct Support

2. Training/Workshops

We support organisations to create and sustain change by working with them to achieve their goals, rather than developing strategies or solutions for them. We also assist in building and strengthening current and new partnerships and alliances. We design and facilitate processes that help organisations and their stakeholders to think together, tap into their knowledge and expertise, and build lasting agreements and productive relationships. We offer consulting in the following areas:

Strategic Planning



Poject Management


NMC organises public and in-house workshops in two key areas of non-profit and co-operative development (ie. Organisational Development & Facilitative Leadership). Our workshops provide individuals with the skills to develop personally and professionally and to become catalysts for improving performance, building collaborative cultures, nurturing innovation and achieving extraordinary results.

We help clients to achieve competitive advantage by upgrading the skills of their workforce to improve the overall performance of the organisation.                     for a complete list and details about our training workshops.

NMC is currently looking for partners to extend its consultancy services and training programmes to different countries around the world. We work with trade associations, civil society organisations, government agencies and individual consultants to provide support to organisations of all types, to address their management challenges.