By: Alison.com  08/05/2013
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• Free Courses, Assessments & Certification: All ALISON courses have assessments so a learner can take a test on the course they have studied and when completed with an average mark of 80% or more the learner qualifies for an ALISON certificate. A certificate/diploma parchment displays the learner’s name and the name of the course studied. Each parchment is issued with a hologram, bar coding and signature. It states the fact that the learner has successfully completed the certificate or diploma level course listed. • Group Certification: For organisations we can provide Group Certification where ALISON certificates can be ordered and customised with your organisation’s name and logo. • ALISON Flash Testing: This service enables an organisation or individual to test the knowledge of an ALISON graduate that has completed a course, thereby verifying the knowledge gained by that user. Testing services could be used by employers wishing to validate certificates earned by employees or prospective employees. Our testing services offer great flexibility as learners can be tested anytime, anywhere without having to sit expensive exams at a particular time. This system allows certifications and qualifications to be checked easily providing a cheap, quick and effective means of learner assessment. • ALISON Manager: Teachers, trainers, tutors and HR managers can easily and effectively oversee, manage and report on online learning groups of students by using ALISON Manager. This enables you to monitor the progress of learners including the percentage of a course completed time spent studying. Assessment scores are easy to view and act as a report card for learners showing up to date learning activity. • Advertising Free Environment Packages: Advertising enables ALISON to earn revenue to grow our services and to provide high quality learning at no cost to the individual user. ALISON can offer packages to individuals and organisations where courses can be studied in an advertising free environment for a fee. Removing advertisements from the site ensures that users do not have to spend time looking at ads and there is no waiting or disturbance when studying courses. • Corporate Packages: Pre Employment Induction & Skills Credentialing: ALISON can provide organisations with pre-employment induction packages which enables new employees to be as productive as possible when they commence work. Similar options are available as a means of filtering within an interview process.

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