The Sirius Program - Book, DVD, CDs

By: Ronan Rooney  05/12/2011

Ronan Rooney's "Secret of Life Series" is the ultimate Secret of Life experience outside of the seminar itself. It includes the Secret of Life Book, a 2-DVD set, Meditations CD and 12 Stages CD with an instruction brief.

This is extremely unique in that Ronan is adamant that it is all encompassing and that you need look no further before or after going through the series in your quest for balance and success in your personal or business life.

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Or buy any of the Secret of Life series individually:


The Secret of Life program explained simply and clearly.

Ronan Rooney'sSecret of Life Program encompasses a 12 step approach which combines simplicity and practicality in a fresh and original way that applies to people from all stages and walks of life.

TheSecret of Life Program gives readers the tools to create their future – and achieve goals, objectives and success with ease from a position of balance.

Experience the full Secret of Life Seminar in your own home.

The Secret of Life on DVD allows you to experience the Secret of Life Program in your own home. This 2 DVD set takes you through the Secret of Life Seminar and starts you on your journey to personal enlightenment.

An audio version of the program. Perfect for the car. This CD encapsulates the wisdom and knowledge of the Secret of Life Program and allows you to start or continue your journey towards true personal enlightenment.

The perfect accompaniment to the DVD and CD.

Meditations Volume One contains the core meditations from Ronan Rooney's Secret of Life Program for Personal Development. They are perfect either as an accompaniment to the Secret of Life 12 Stages CD or on their own as a meditation for every phase of the day.

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