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By: ICE Cube  05/12/2011

Business Strategy

At Infoscience we work closely with your management team to understand your direction and overall business objectives. To create a sound strategy for the success of any solution we:

  • Encourage sponsorship of projects from the top.
  • Provide expert project management. 
  • Pay attention to people issues.

Detailed action plans are devised to assess required changes to current business practices and processes, address resource and skills changes, examine technical infrastructure and deal with implementation implications

Solution Design

At Infoscience our philosophy is founded by our experience of providing a complete service management solution with your specific needs in mind.

Our consultants will work with you to:
  • Define your solution requirements
  • Design and configure a solution that best suits your organisation
  • Migrate your existing data
  • Seamlessly introduce and implement the solution
  • Offer training that meets the needs of users
  • Provide ongoing progress management

Our independence and expertise enable us to provide solutions that focus on the protection of your core assets, your competitive advantage and the advancing of your business objectives.

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Infoscience - Services - Services

The design of our applications allows for customisation and post-implementation additions, this enables us to update or upgrade functionality to meet any future requirements you might have. At Infoscience we test all solutions extensively following installation to ensure that our application integrates fully with your existing system.