Eurofoam in the West of Ireland

By: O'connell Drylining  05/12/2011
Keywords: Insulation, Timber Frame

EuroFoam is a spray applied foam insulation that expands 100 times its initial volume, to fill every crevice, virtually eliminating air leakage, convection and airborne moisture movement. EuroFoam is totally cured in about 20 seconds and can be covered almost immediately. Excess material can be easily trimmed after application. There is virtually no mess left when EuroFoam is installed.

EuroFoam can be injected to areas that are inaccessible for other insulation products, it can be injected into small openings to ensure a high level of performance. By using EuroFoam you are getting a single solution to provide superior insulation, healthy living, with an environmentally friendly product. EuroFoam provides both open & closed cell foam products, that can be used for the following:

· New Build Timber Frame Houses
· Residential homes
· Industrial buildings
· Commercial Buildings
· Agricultural Projects

EuroFoam can be installed in:

· Residential Buildings
· Commercial Buildings
· Industrial Building
· Agricultural Buildings
· Attics
· New build timber frame houses
· Ceilings
· Floors

Keywords: Insulation, Timber Frame

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Plasterboard/Partitions/Wall Linings in the West of Ireland

These can be constructed to a height of 7.90m and are single or doubled boarded each side with a plasterboard type to suit any individual requirement. As an alternative to traditional plastering, this system allows for a much quicker installation time as it is a completely dry system. Metal stud partitions are non-loadbearing internal partitions suitable for all types of housing.


MF / Grid Ceilings in the West of Ireland

These can be constructed purely in an aesthetic context to create dropped levels in ceilings, to create curved features or other specific design concepts such as coffers. An MF ceiling is where plasterboard is fixed to a concealed metal grid which is in turn then fixed to a structural soffit above. There are many different tile types and styles available to suit each development and advice can be given in respect of these.


Insulation in the West of Ireland

Termex insulation materials are manufactured from clean newspaper where vegetable-oil-based natural pigments have been used for ink. These can be used in metal stud partitions, above MF or grid ceilings or between joists, purlines and rafters in domestic houses. We will be pleased to advise with regard to the suitability and applicability of the differing insulation types.


Taping And Jointing in the West of Ireland

The jointing process has three application stages - bedding the tape and bulk filling the joint, secondary filling to take up shrinkage and then final finish. Taping and jointing produces a smooth, continuous, crack free surface ready for final decoration.


Eurobead in the West of Ireland

When Eurobead is installed on new build dwellings it is completed prior to internal plastering and on existing dwellings can be carried out at any time. The bead is coated in an air drying adhesive which enables the bead to flow freely through the cavity ensuring a full fill of the cavity wall. The Insulation Technicians follow a strict drilling pattern set out by the Irish Agreement Board to insure all areas of the cavity if filled.