By: Wsai  05/12/2011

The was founded at a meeting held in London on 2nd July 1999. There were 4 founding WS member organisations - Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland and Hungary. The second meeting of FEWS took place in London on 5th February 2000 and was attended by representatives from 8 WS organisations - the original 4 plus Norway, Belgium (Flemish Speaking), Spain and France.

Officers of FEWS were elected as follows:

Chairperson - Susan Morgan (UK)

Two further meetings have been held and the Constitution was signed by representatives of 8 WS organisations - Italy, UK, Ireland, Hungary, Sweden, Belgium (Flemish), Norway and Spain. 

The European Federation of Williams Syndrome Associations will be registered in Belgium. The constitution of FEWS states:

"The Purpose of FEWS is the pursuit and achievement of the following objectives:

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