Western Automation - Research & Development

By: Western Automation  05/12/2011


Customers are typically OEM companies involved in the low voltage switchgear and similar industries. Western Automation (WA) works with customers to integrate its technology into customer products. It does this by agreeing with the customer the intended application of the product, and applying its engineering resources to meet the specific needs of the customer. WA technology can be provided by way of components, sub-assemblies, finished products (via Mainsafe International Ltd.) or by licensing its technology.

The company also assists customers in the areas of compliance testing, certification, productionisation, and quality, etc.

Through its participation in standards bodies such as IEC and CENELEC, the company keeps up to date with current, new and emerging requirements for RCDs. Most of its RCD designs are future proofed where possible, but when changes are required, WA undertakes such changes and updating of products and thereby helps to keep customers compliant with regard to regulatory requirements on an ongoing basis.

Through its initial design and ongoing supply relationship, WA becomes a strategic partner with its customers on a continued basis.

Design Facilities

  • Design Centre
  • CAD – 3D modelling
  • Electronic circuit simulation (Spice)
  • Magnetic simulation software
  • PCB design
  • Rapid prototyping for high quality PCB samples
  • Optical Co-Ordinate Measurement System
  • ISO 9001 audited process.

Test Facilities

  • Pre-Compliance testing
  • Dielectric testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Physical Endurance testing
  • Temperature rise capabilities
  • EMC test equipment for testing to national and international standards
    • Radiated RFI test chamber
    • Conducted RFI test system
    • Burst and surge testing
    • Electrostatic test system