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By: Lannet  05/12/2011
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Need Your IT Infrastructure Regularly Maintained?

Need Guaranteed Response Times?

Your IT Expenses Getting Out Of Control?
If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions then our Managed Services Model is the Solution!
Performing the mundane, yet important, tasks of maintenance on your servers and desktops takes you or other key personnel away from the projects that need to be focused on. Lan-Net relieves you completely of these duties and takes maintenance to new levels.
By outsourcing the management of your IT services, you can refocus your efforts on your core business while we monitor, patch, upgrade, and support your network and desktop infrastructure. This proactive maintenance approach effectively mitigates network problems, often leading to fewer and less severe incidents. Because all systems are monitored if anything ever does happen, it can be addressed quickly.
Our experienced and knowledgeable team of account managers, engineers and customer service staff will be an invaluable asset to your business.

Features of our TechCare Managed Services model include:
With Lan-Net Managed Services, you will enjoy:
Proactive network management
Proactive desktop support
Proactive network security
Management of servers and network devices
Scheduled maintenance
Security and risk management
Intrusion detection
Anti-virus and update management
Patch management
Regular backups for data integrity
Asset and software management
Experts on-demand
Other benefits include:

Reduced costs of managing IT infrastructure
Increased productivity through a more reliable IT environment
Access to knowledgeable professionals
Lowered threat risk for data and network
Increased system uptime
Improved network performance
A more secure infrastructure
Freedom to focus on your core business


With Lan-Net you can select a Managed Service Package tailored to suit your small, medium or corporate enterprise, at a fixed monthly cost.

Guaranteed Response Times and Service Level Agreements

When you chose a TechCare package with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), you have the option of choosing response times appropriate to your needs for both remote and onsite support.
Onsite Support

Our Managed Services Packages include regular onsite visits. In addition you may wish to have weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits.
Remote Support

We provide secure remote support, no matter where you are. We use maximum security encrypted communication leaving nothing for attackers to exploit.

Real Time Resolution of Issues

Management of all network issues including software changes, policy violations, low disk space, unapproved network access, and monitoring of event logs.

Fixed Price Support

With our Premium TechCare managed service package you have the option to freeze the cost of your IT expenditure.


Maximise system performance across your entire IT network through real-time proactive monitoring of your servers and workstations.

Fast and Easy Deployment

Once the decision has been made to implement our TechLive system, it is deployed with as little inconvenience to users as possible. Once established, it is quite un-intrusive, using very little memory.
Software Deployment and Update

Complete software installations and updates across the organisation with minimal interruption to users.

Real-Time Patch Management

Scheduled security patch scans, patch deployment.

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive monthly reports to keep you up to date with the management of your system.

Anti-virus and Spyware

You have the option of incorporating a real-time monitored Antivirus and Spyware solution to your system, leading to maximum protection of your infrastructure.
Managed Services Packages

Our managed services packages provide you with regular maintenance and the option to choose guaranteed response times and after hours support.

We offer the following managed service packages:
Basic TechCare

features basic maintenance and monitoring of your systems

Standard TechCare

features maintenance and monitoring plus the option to choose guaranteed response times (Service Level Agreements or SLA’s)

Premium TechCare

features maintenance and monitoring plus the option to choose guaranteed response times (SLA’s) plus FIX the cost of IT support

Only the Standard and the Premium TechCare packages have the option of choosing different SLA’s. The following three SLA options are currently available:

Platinum SLA

offers guaranteed responses to your support requests within 1 hour

Gold SLA

offers guaranteed responses to your support requests within 2 hours

Silver SLA

offers guaranteed responses to your support requests within 4 hours

With many years experience in delivering end to end IT solutions to small, medium and corporate businesses you can be confident your company’s IT infrastructure is in safe hands.
Customised Computer Services:

· Service Level Agreements.

· Remote computer and network support.

· Virtual private network design, installation and maintenance.

· I.T. consultancy.

· Server and network health monitoring service.

· Security assessment and analysis of your computer systems.

· Data Backup services.

· Data Recovery Services for failed hard drives in laptops, desktop computers, data servers, RAID arrays, tapes and all other data storage media.

· Software updates services.

· Business disaster recovery and contingency plans.

General Computer Services:

· Supply of hardware, software and computer supplies.

· Computer repair and maintenance.

· Computer training.

· Computer software and hardware support.

· Computer Systems documentation.

· Hardware and software inventory.

· Internet Services:

· Internet Security.

· Internet Connectivity.

· Virus/adware/spyware detection and removal.

· Websites and domain name registrations.

Data Backup:

Our online backup is a unique online service that allows you to back up and instantly restore all data and files held on your system. It continuously backs up your data via the internet and stores it securely off-site in multiple data centres. This gives your data the VIP treatment it deserves and is also available for recovery 24/7. All installations are performed by experienced engineers and backups are monitored 7 days a week, with proactive issue resolution.

Once the online backup solution is set up data is automatically compressed, encrypted and securely transferred to a primary data centre in Dublin. The solution only transmits the data that has changed since the prior backup.  This means backups are lightening fast.

On a daily basis company data automatically synchronizes with the data centre and is also continuously mirrored to a secondary data centre. This process gives companies the assurance that all their data is stored safely. All deleted and old file versions are stored online. This period can be customized but each package includes a month’s worth of backups plus the 1st day of the month for the last 3 months. Included in each package are regular health checks to insure that the information being backed up is up to date. Test restores are also performed during this health check.

When it comes to backups, Murphy’s Law prevails. Computers are becoming more reliable, but this gives a false sense of security as disaster can always strike. We manage and monitor for the five most prevalent backup failures — and what you can do about them.
• Hidden backup problems
• Reporting issues
• Performance bottlenecks
• Improperly matched technologies
• Operational controls
Click here for more details about the hidden problems with backup implementations and what we do to avoid them.

Lan-Net are authorised distributors of ESET, Symantec, McAfee and some other applications. We will recommend the most suitable automated solution for your network – then monitor that solution.

Network Change/Modification Management:
With economic challenges ahead, IT organisations will likely be taking a hard look at priorities, focusing strictly on areas that allow IT to do more with less and mitigate financial risk. When the No.1 cause of a service interruption is an unplanned change to the infrastructure, the business relies on IT to introduce change control as part of its overall service management strategy. We assist you to address the following challenges:
* What new processes and tools can reduce the financial risk presented by poorly managed
* What IT projects should be considered to reduce IT spending but still improve performance

Microsoft Updates:

Network Security:

Remote Access:

Log Maintenance:

Network / Server / PC repairs:

Keywords: Network Management, security

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You can enjoy access to the world’s best hosted services, with no up-front investment or licence fees.Lan-Net as an authorized Eircom Partner can assist you in deciding which products suit you company – and can advise on cost savings. Full PC Desktop Experience Virtual desktops maintain the same look and feel of traditional PCs – enabling a quick end user-migration to virtual desktops.