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By: Gaelic Web Design  05/12/2011
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Do you know that an SSL certificate does not secure your website? Shockingly so many people around the world think that once a website has an SSL certificate it is secure. What an SSL certificate actually does is to only to secure the data transfer from a HTTPS page in a web browser back to the web server. So it is simply a way to secure the transfer of information.

Protecting your website from hackers and cyber criminals is not easy. To bring you state of the art website security solution we have partnered with "Security I Trust". Security I Trust is an Irish IT Security company that specializes in the field of Internet Security & Website Security. Their founder has more than 14 years experience in IT Security, working for companies like Sykes, Compaq, HP, CitiBank, adidas and Trintech.

Security I Trust can advise and recommend the most effective security solutions for your business, ranging from:

  • Website Security:
    • How to improve your website security.
    • Website security audit.
    • SSL
  • Internet Security:
    • Auditing and configuring Firewall devices.
    • Auditing external access to your network.
    • DMZ Design.
    • How to implement the correct levels of website security to reducing the risk of Phishing.
  • Data security
    • Reviewing access controls and locking down access to specific data, systems and areas of your network and servers to ensure that the required people only have access to your confidential information.
    • Backups and data retention.
    • Data security solutions for your website security needs.
  • Virus and Spyware
    • Ensuring your systems have the appropriate level of AntiVirus and AntiSpyware software installed.
    • Recovery from a virus attack.
    • Ensure your website is not spreading viruses.
  • Network Security:
    • Intrusion Detection (IDS and IPS)
    • Log Management
    • Monitoring network traffic.
    • Auditing and configuring your Wireless Network.
  • Identity Theft.  How to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud.
  • Hacking Incident: Need help in identifying how a hacker compromised your system and what information the hacker stolen or changed.

Keywords: Internet Security, it security, security, ssl certificate, web design, Website Security

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