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By: Gaatec  05/12/2011

Dataloss is something that statistically is likely to happen to YOU quite soon. Are you prepared ?
The Hard Facts:
99% of all businesses do not do a daily backup
UK Dept of Trade.Nearly 60% of PC users have lost an electronical file they thought they had sufficiently saved.
Harris interactive survey50% of all tape restores fail
LiveVault & UK Dept of Trade.70% of business people have experienced data loss
Carbonite6% of all PCs will suffer an episode of data loss in any given year
The Cost Of Lost Data, David M. Smith
Why are we loosing data?

Are you really covered?

Many companies believe that they have sufficient backups, but when they look to their backups they realize that some folders weren't included in their backups, or that their backup tapes were faulty.Tailored Backup Plan
GaaTec work together with you to setup a tailored backup plan according to your priorities, needs, and requirements.Automatic and Manual backups
GaaTec utilise automatic tools, but do not trust these alone. We recommend to complement such with manual backups on a regular basis.Offsite Backups
GaaTec give you an extra level of security as we take every manual backup out of your offices. We are therefore better prepared should you need to recover from disasters like theft and fire.

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