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By: Future Business  05/12/2011
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You may have fanciest website in the whole world, but what if somebody looking for a company like yours couldn't find it? Such a waste..

That's where SEO can help.


SEO is a process having 3 basic phases:

Audit, Optimization and Positioning

Search engines these days have incredibly sophisticated and ever improved mechanisms to defend from so called 'black SEO' (Those are various techniques used that Search Engines view as intolerable). Many companies offer such services which are against engines rules and therefore if noticed ultimately remove your website from search results. That you'd never like. Perhaps to protect you from such unwanted occurrances white SEO is what you are looking for. This is what we are experts in.



    FBI can help your company increase its customer base through well placed banners.
    FBI will identify and advise your company on appropriate online promotional opportunities.

  • FBI will advise you on the best pay-per-click search adverts for your business.
    FBI can feature your products on Froogle, Google, eBay etc.
    FBI can set-up and manage opt-in e-mail marketing campaigns for your business.


Future Business employs an Internet marketing-orientated approach to website design and development. FBI uses only the best practises and has the skills and technologies to help your business achieve long term success.

Our internet marketing strategy involves better foresight and better planning while also encompassing the following core elements:

  • FBI ensure that websites are professionally and correctly designed so that they can be easily catalogued by the search engines,
  • FBI will develop targeted keywords and techniques to sell your business,
  • FBI uses its experience and expertise to improve how the search engines comprehend the content found on your site,
  • FBI will analyse your competitor's websites to gain market intelligence,
  • FBI will provide regular submissions to the major search engines and links directories, track your website performance and ranking and provide monthly statistics on the number of visits to your site in a given period.


We submit your website to all the major search engines and links directories every month for three months.

Monthly Cost

€50 SEO&M Option One

We review the site and that of one of your competitor's websites on five principle key words. If required we recommend restructuring the content (may include additional charge cleared prior to execution). We also analyse those of your main competitor websites within the search engines. The minimum sign up is for three months.

Monthly Cost

€75 SEO&M Option Two

As above but we analyse five of your competitors sites and concentrate on up to 10 keywords or phrases. You receive monthly reports. Minimum for three months.

Monthly Cost

€175 SEO&M Option Three

As above but up to ten competitors websites and we pursue alternative methods of optimisation. We will also edit up to 5 sections within a site at least once per month to maxismise keyword return (this includes the front page). Indepth report upon completion.

Monthly Cost

€300 SEO&M Premium

As above but with the added "keyword" purchase on various search engines. We would not recommend this option until we first maximise the general traffic, with either SEO&M One or Two. Here we decide a budget for search engines (you are only charged for the number of visitors you receive from the search engines.

Monthly Cost




All our clients receive a general guide on how to maximise their website traffic with general hints and tips and, if followed, many of these will bring solid results to your site, without the need to go to the expense of a major online marketing campaign.

Price on application.

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