Fuinseog - SEIRBHÍSÍ

By: Fuinseog  05/12/2011
Keywords: customer service

At Fuinseog, we have a dedicated team who are fully trained in the type of service you wish to provide and the way you want the service delivered to your customers. We are very focused on Customer Care as we believe that happy customers are repeat customers.

Our outsourced service enables your company to focus on the core business activities, while knowing that your customers are receiving high quality customer service and care from a trusted service provider.

Our Key Purpose

  • Providing customers with a dependable method of contact and professional service
  • Improving brand image by providing service professionals who have received full training in each specialised area
  • Integrating operations platforms, with the ability for work inter-flow between outsourced customer contact centres, other third party vendors and internal centres as necessary.
  • Offering customers an easily accessible point of contact through the e-media communication channel of their choice.
  • Offering flexibility to accommodate dynamic shifts in workload and associated staffing requirements .
  • Offering in job training in a variety of courses-Customer Care Course, Systems Training Course, Train the Trainer Course ect.

Keywords: customer service