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By: Fuel Clean  05/12/2011
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Biodiesel is more prone to algae growth when water is present in the fuel storage tank. All storage tanks contain an amount of water due to condensation in the Irish atmosphere. This cannot be avoided. The algae feeds on the water to form a black slime at the bottom of the tank.

This water and black slime must be removed from the tank before it is allowed reach the fuel filters on modern diesel engines.

"The safest way to do this is with our fuel polishing system."

Our equipment firstly removes the visible water from the bottom of your storage tank. The fuel is then pumped through a fuel /water separator. This process removes 99% of water and filters the fuel down to 10 microns. The fuel is allowed to circulate through the separator a several times back into the tank until all the sediment is cleaned from the tank bottom.

Finally the cleaned fuel is polished by passing it through a fine water block filter which removes 99% of remaining water and dirt particles down to 3 micron. This operation leaves the fuel cleaner than new with minimum waste.

Step 1: When we arrive on site we take an initial sample of fuel from the tanks to be polished.

Step 2: Water and the worst of the sludge is sucked from the bottom of the tank into a separate container.

Step 3: The fuel in the tank is pumped into our mobile tank through a water separator/filter leaving about 50 mm at the bottom of your tank. The seperator removes 99% of water and particles down to 10 microns.

Step 4: This remaining fuel is used to clean the bottom of the tank by pumping at high speed through our filter/water separator several times until both the interior of the tank and the fuel is clean. In a heavily contaminated tank this fuel might have to be disposed off otherwise it is polished along with all the rest of the original contents back into your tank through a 3 micron filter.

Step 5: Finally a sample is taken from the cleaned fuel to confirm it is polished to the highest standards.

This operation leaves the fuel cleaner than new with minimum waste.

Keywords: Filters, Fuel, Fuel Storage, storage tanks, tank