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By: Ftopia  05/12/2011
Keywords: Project Managers, Data Exchange

Maximize your project resources and success potential with a simple and reliable data exchange system that will save your team money and time.

A great deal of careful planning, organizing, securing, and managing of resources is required in order for project managers to meet predefined objectives within specific scope, time, and budget constraints. Huge volumes of detailed data must be prepared for each project, including project plans, scope reports, schedules, work breakdown structure charts, project network graphs, activity network diagrams, and continuous progress analysis reports.

These documents map out the strategy and identify team members and their roles. They are also used to determine and delineate resources needed, necessary tasks and their duration and interdependency, slack time, and total project cost. Throughout the life of each project, all this data must remain in constant circulation among all the stakeholders in order to keep everyone on target and in sync.

What ftopia offers you


Stakeholders have direct access to real-time information from anywhere at any time. Data rooms are accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

Effective Collaboration

Quickly share the latest information with stakeholders and keep everyone on the same page with automatic versioning and user-activity monitoring.

Keep it Simple

You don’t need a dedicated computer to manage files. There’s no hardware or software to purchase, and nothing to install or setup. ftopia’s intuitive Web interface is a breeze to use.


Stay within budget with the secure and reliable data exchange system that helps keep costs down. A single obligation-free subscription is all you need for all your data rooms.

Keywords: Data Exchange, Project Managers

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