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By: Fresh Web Consulting  05/12/2011
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We help firms generate new customers through effective online marketing.  We are focused, commercially driven and experienced in converting customer web traffic into real business / sales / income. We combine experience in business and marketing with online IT skills to provide you with the Fresh approach to make your business successful online. 

We offer a number of flexible packages to meet your business requirements (big or small). 

  • You can avail of a single or combined number of services.
  • You can contract us on a ’one-off’ or ongoing basis.
  • You can outsource part or all of your Online Marketing requirements – it’s up to you!

Services include:-

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Analytics & Web measurement for sales goals
  • Social Media for business
  • Web Promotion strategies
  • Online Video
  • Blogs / Press Releases / Marketing Articles / Newsletters
  • Web Audit / Analysis
  • f-Commerce – Design / Install an online shop on your Facebook business page.
  • e-Commerce – Design / Install an online shop on your website

Or find out more on how we can help you business (below)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If customers can’t find your website when they search on Google for the products and services you offer, your business could be losing a high level of free sales every day. SEO is the technique of optimising your company website for a specific set of keywords and phrases related to you products and services. By optimising your website, you make it easier for Google to rank you higher for these products/services and for customers to find your website and increase sales.

Analytics & Web Measurement

Analytics helps business owners and managers to understand what customers do when they arrive on your website. It is available as a free software application that can be tacked on behind almost any website. What pages do customers spend most time on, what they like or dislike? What pages do they visit before buying your products? If they leave before buying, what page did they leave? How many people visit your contact details page or submit and enquiry form? Where do your customers come from? What is your Bounce Rate?

Learn more about Analytics here

Social Media For Business

The growing popularity of Social Media and sites such as LinkedIn (for professionals), Facebook and Twitter is unquestionable, but how can companies harness this new market to drive more business through their website? Is you business / brand already being discussed on the web in either positive or negative discussions? How can you find out about these and respond? Talk to us about your business Social Media strategy.

Web Promotion Strategies

There are many ways to promote your business online. As each business is unique, our experience can help you to tailor a strategy  to promote your business and drive increased online traffic and customers to your website.

Online Video

Sometimes a written description of your product/ service is just not enough and companies need a more versatile and captivating way to communicate with their target audience. It’s now extremely easy and cost effective to provide your customers with professional video content to fully demonstrate the features and benefit of your product or service.  We partner with a number of professional Videographers to produce high quality online video for business. 

Blogging For Business

A short business blog has huge advantages that many companies haven’t yet grasped.  As well as helping your SEO efforts and Google rankings, it provides a very effective way to communicate with customers on you key products/services. However there are some key factors that make this work successfully.

Website Audit / Analysis

 How does Google see your website? What improvements can help it rank higher on Google? While you may have an attractive colour and design scheme on your website, how effective is its’ construction? How does it rate with your competitors websites? How effective is it in converting new web visitors into enquiries/sales? Where can you improve the user experience for increased business? We work with you to highlight the issues affecting your website with a focus on increasing business.


fCommerce is about making it easier for people to buy goods from your business without having to leave the Facebook environment. fCommerce provides a fully functional online shop on you Facebook business page. This includes the ability for customers to choose product size, colour, delivery as well as paying for the goods by secure Credit Card payment – all done on your Facebook page very simply. We can design and install your online Facebook shop.


If your business needs an eCommerce shop, but are a little unsure about the options or how best to proceed, we have the answers. There are many IT companies who would be happy to sell you large and more expensive online shop software, when a much smaller solution may suffice. We find that eCommerce projects generally fit into three sizes, where we provide tailored eCommerce solutions to match your requirements including online shop design and installation.

Keywords: marketing, search engine, search engine optimisation