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By: Frank Ryans Bar  05/12/2011

Frank Ryans Bar » Frank’s Snaps

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Hand picked by your landlord… sure what else will you be doing in this weather?!

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… at aged 70 on his way through Amsterdam Airport. (I always hated airports, now I know why; it looks like they are almost as bad as hospitals!)

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…frozen and packed within 3 hours (yeah, right!)

Jerry Lee Lewis: (As you should know, Tadhg is Jerry’s man in Dublin. He tells me that Jerry was playing Lago in Shakespeare’s Othello at the time, hence the beard!)

Big Mama Thornton

Etta James

Hank Williams

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Spotted by Al:


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The don’t make TV studio sets like they used to!

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Well our loss has been Donovans gain as they have been backing him on his current tour, but enough is enough – it’s time to bring the blues home- we’ve missed you lads. Check out Noel from 1971 with Skid Row (Gary Moore, Noel Bridgeman and Brush Shiels) playing ‘An Awful Lot Of Woman?’. Left Right and Centre take a well deserved break and to fill in we have a young beat group called ‘the 7th sons’.


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This will be your last chance to catch the lads in Ryans so drop in – pints, ceol agus craic – all at Ryans. Back on the 21st for a new residency, Pete Cummins and Ger Kiely of the Fleadh Cowboys play Ryans. Trevor will be away a few weeks, so for the moment we have a proper blues 3-piece. Pete and Ger have been at it since the 1980?sand are well worth the trip to Ryans. If you missed any of the previous gigs, then this is yoru chance.


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You should know that Tadhg has an excellent CD recorded and mixed by Quill of the lads giving it their all in Ryans. Noel Bridgeman, Ed Deane, Trevor Knight and John Quearney dedicate “Mercy, Mercy” to the late Paul Ashford. We say farewell to Pete Cummins and Ger Kiely after three months of fantastic acoustic guitar. Paul also played with The Furey Brothers, Ronnie Drew and toured with Jerry Lee Lewis.


Frank Ryans Bar » Frank’s Snaps

The cops went after him and shot out the four tires of his car. When he got out of the car he did the whole JB dance for them. This clip is from the news broadcast about the incident. Frank Ryans Bar» Frank’s Snaps.


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Creamy pints, toasties, tea, coffee, moral support, shoulders to cry on, supplied all day long. Pull up a pew and get ready for a day in front of the big telly.


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Alas it all comes to an end and tonight was the last Left, Right & Centre gig in Frank Ryans – and what a send-off. As they say – “a change is as good as a rest” and Garvin added his own unique flavour to our favourite blues set. Since March 26th, 2009 Noel, Ed and John (joined by Trevor last year) have brought us Dublin’s best blues gig. I fixed an issue that was preventing people from downloading/playing individual tracks.