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By: Francis Brophy  05/12/2011

New and changing legislation is ensuring that VAT remains a highly technical area with onerous reporting requirements. However, significant savings can be made if the structure of your business and its operations consider VAT implications at the outset. At Francis Brophy & Company we offer an excellent VAT consultancy service for all potential situations.

Our services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. Our consultants will work as closely as possible with you to ensure that the advice we give is both clear and cost-effective.

We can help with the entire scope of VAT compliance issues, as well as providing valuable planning exercises which minimise VAT costs and maximise VAT recovery.

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Audit & Accountancy - Francis Brophy & Company Chartered Accountants, Fairview, Dublin 3, Ireland

Our audit procedures will ensure that all clients' regulatory requirements are dealt with in a seamless manner thereby ensuring the minimum disruption to day-to-day business procedures. We have clients in all sectors of the economy, but we are particularly well known for our strength in advising privately owned / controlled businesses in a wide range of sectors.


Taxation Service - Fairview Accountants - Francis Brophy & Company

People and businesses are subject to a wide range of taxes including Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Stamp Duty, Value Added Tax and National Insurance. Our job is to help you plan your business activities so as to maximise the available tax reliefs and discuss with you in advance the tax implications of business decisions.


Consultancy Francis Brophy & Company Chartered - Dublin Accountants

You can also choose how and when you pay yourself - a sole trader's profit is taxed on them personally, irrespective of how much money they take out of the business. A director of a limited company pays personal tax rates only on what is drawn from the company. Limited Liability - this protects your personal assets should things go wrong. The advantages of structuring your business in this way are.


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Given the importance of compliance with new company law enforcement legislation good company secretarial advice is vital. At Francis Brophy & Company our experienced team provide services in the following areas. Minutes and amendments to Memorandum and Articles of Association.


Business Advisory - Francis Brophy & Company Chartered - Dublin Accountants

Raising Finance We can advise on a range of fund raising options including bank or working capital finance, loan stock, and third party non-equity investors. Start Up and Incorporation We can help with all aspects of starting up in business and a key decision is whether or not to incorporate the business. Company Secretarial Company law is now quite complex and the statutory duties of company directors and secretaries are onerous.


Francis Brophy & Company Chartered Accountants, Fairview, Dublin 3, Ireland - bookkeeping

Compliance is an important issue and we can prepare, process and file regular VAT, PAYE/PRSI and RCT returns in a timely and accurate manner to ensure that you can concentrate on your core business while we deal with Revenue correspondence on your behalf. Francis Brophy & Company can provide a comprehensive book-keeping and accounts production service tailored to suit your business.


Francis Brophy & Company Chartered Accountants, Fairview, Dublin 3, Ireland - insolvency

Today's difficult economic environment has placed many businesses under cash flow pressure and we can assist directors and shareholders of companies in financial difficulties to make the correct decision regarding the future of their businesses. In many cases it is possible to make an arrangement with creditors so that the company can continue to trade it's way out of difficulty.