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By: Four Balance  05/12/2011
Keywords: Management Consultancy, Process Improvement, Software Vendor

Balanced Scorecard Creation & Facilitation

Four Balance Scorecard facilitation enables the efficient creation of an organisational or project scorecard. The facilitation typically represents the first step in the deployment process to achieve full project or organizational alignment to strategy.

The second step involves working with the company through a process of questioning and analysis to identify how the routine measurement can be automated from production to delivery.

The third step is to routinely monitor the scorecard for adherence to strategy and changes in strategy.

Process Improvement

Companies that are currently using the balanced scorecard can avail of Four Balance’s knowledge of industry best practises in technologies and processes. Four Balance can also help in the post-project review to measure success and cost benefits.

1. Evaluate the current report production processes (from input to final report) and assess strengths / weaknesses.2. Evaluate the likely impact of new requirements and how they might be included in the existing production processes.3. Suggest alternative production technologies and processes.4. Suggest alternative communication methods.5. Conduct reviews of contributing reporting systems.

Outsourcing Strategy & Vendor selection

As Four Balance is a completely independent software and management consultancy, we can assist in the selection of a balanced scorecard software vendor based on the scale, skills requirements, complexity and cost limitations of each project.

Trouble Shooting

All projects start with the aim of delivering on time, within budget and to agreed levels of quality. Alas, not all projects run that smoothly!

Four Balance can help when projects start to deviate from the norm by quickly assessing the critical trouble spots and offering workable solutions through the lens of a scorecard the focus will become very clear.

This could mean taking over the management or technical aspects of a project to get it back on track.

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