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web design & development

The first step to a successful web site is having a professional and functional design. We endeavour to address a balance between 'design' and 'functionality' with web sites that look good and work effectively - download quickly, navigate easily and are search engine friendly.

Ongoing Maintenance

We offer two options for maintaining your web site, these are outlined below:

• Maintenance Managed by FoundYe Web Design We can carry out cosmetic or text changes to your web site on an ad hoc basis. Updates are charged at our standard hourly   rates and to keep future costs to a minimum, we will build your web site in a structured format using tables, style sheets and clean code thus enabling maintenance, additions and updates to be carried out easily and efficiently.

• Maintenance Managed Independently by the Site Owner or Administrator If you wish to maintain your web site (or parts of your web site) independently, we can develop a   password-restricted online Content Management System from which you can easily update the content of your web site from any PC with an Internet connection.

A Summary of Our Web Design Process

• Brief Firstly you will need to provide us with your brief, if you don't know where to start please contact us.

• Proposal and Quote We will put together a detailed proposal and quote.

• Supply Content You provide us with all the content, as per our discussions, for your web site including text and images.

• Photography If your proposal includes photography services we will make arrangements for a photo shoot.

• Concept We develop a design concept in accordance with your brief. Your concept will be presented to you online and developed further, if required, based on your feedback.

• HTML Coding, Database Design, ColdFusion Programming and Testing We build the sub-pages of your site in a structured format using a combination of tables, style   sheets, tables and clean code.

• Search Engine Optimisation We research commonly used search phrases relevant to your business or organisation and optimise your web pages accordingly.

• Site Goes 'Live' After your approval registration of your domain name and activation of your hosting account, your web site is made 'live'.

• Search Engine Submissions We manually submit your web site to a selection of popular search engines and directories.

• For more information please contact us

• Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a beneficial piece to an overall Internet marketing campaign to increase the targeted traffic to your website. Getting your website to achieve top rankings organically (on an unpaid basis) in the major search engines has become a science. Don't fall into the trap of believing any firm that will tell you they can guarantee you top positions in every search engine on an ongoing basis. Since most of the search engines change their relevancy algorithms rather frequently, it is essential to monitor your organic results and use ethical best practices to stay ahead of the game.

Our FoundYe based Search Engine Optimization team has years of experience optimizing websites for the top search engines. We use a unique blend of link development, content optimization, Meta tags, site mapping and code structure to achieve higher results for our clients. In coordination with paid search initiatives, SEO can help cover all bases for your website.

  • Seo Management Our team of SEO experts combines content optimization, link development, Meta tag content, code structure and site mapping to drive your website to the top of organic search results.
  • On Page Seo To develop content for SEO is both and art and a science. Our teams of SEO specialists seamlessly integrate targeted keywords into on page content so that search engines value your site without sacrificing user experience.
  • Link Building Properly formulated inbound and reciprocal link building campaigns play a huge part in moving your site up in organic search results.
  • Social media There is a huge buzz around using social media as a marketing outlet. With the right strategy websites like Facebook and YouTube can be powerful tools for Search Engine Optimization as well.
  • Seo Consulting Through full and thorough website audits our SEO Consulting team will make recommendations about content, code structure, linking campaigns and more. We’ll also help your company to create action plans to implement each initiative.

SEO Management

Search Engine Optimization requires a sophisticated mix of best practice implementations managed and developed over time. There is no silver bullet, no one update or individual initiative that will move your website up in organic search results. Our Search Engine Optimization Services Team puts in place long term plans for content optimization, link building, code updates and site mapping that over time will successfully drive your website up in organic search rankings. We also stay up to date with the latest algorithmic changes and social media techniques available to be sure that your ranking stays secure.

FoundYe SEO Management Benefits

• Receive higher placement in organic search results

• Monthly updates and progress reports

• Full transparency and client approval for link building campaigns content placements

• Professional consultative services included for introducing SEO into your marketing mix

We are a full service SEO company. Our team of experts has years of experience in both optimization and the integration of SEO efforts into overall marketing efforts Contact us today to know more.

On Page Search Engine Optimization

On Page Search Engine Optimization is one part of an overall SEO program. Our SEO team starts by identifying specific keywords to target on each page of your website. We then integrate Meta information focused on highlighting these keywords. After that, we work to develop copy with appropriate keyword density – the ratio of targeted keywords to total words on the page. Our SEO copywriters make certain to integrate the keywords selected unobtrusively. Through this we maintain the highest level of user experience while creating keyword rich, search engine friendly pages for your site.

Mindfire On Page SEO Benefits

• Higher placement in organic search results equates to more qualified traffic for your site

• Search engine friendly copy and Meta information supports SEO

• Include keyword rich content without sacrificing user experience

• Copy and Meta tags work together with other SEO efforts for optimal results

Our On Page SEO copywriters work directly with you to ensure that the content on each page of your site communicates the most appropriate messaging while remaining friendly to search engines. To learn more about our SEO content development process contact us today.

FoundYe PPC Services

PPC Management. Our team of PPC experts manages your campaign for success and growth. From daily bid management, to split AB testing, we are your managed search partner.

Link Building Services

When done correctly link building can be a powerful tool for Search Engine Optimization. To get the most out of a link building campaign, many factors need to be considered. Search engines give more weight to links on websites that they consider to be of high quality. Google quantifies this with a metric known as Page Rank. When building linking relationships our SEO team searches for websites with the highest Page Rank so that you get the most out of each link to your site. The way that the link is implemented is important as well. We also take care to avoid building relationships with “Link Farms,” or websites that will place any link on a page in exchange for payment. The danger is that if the company should close, or you should decide to end your relationship with the “Link Farm” your link will come down and your page rank will be sacrificed.

FoundYe Link Building Benefits

• Link building supports SEO and yields higher placements in organic search results

• All links are properly formatted and implemented based on targeted terms and phrases

• No relationships with link farms

• Full client approval of all link relationships

Link building is a long, relatively manual process that requires knowledge and precision to work effectively. Our SEO team is comprised of seasoned professionals with years of experience in link building services. To learn how we can help you to climb the ranks of organic search, contact us today.

Social Media SEO Consulting

Social Media has rapidly proven its validity as a powerful outlet for marketing. These websites offer access to huge networks of targeted users at nearly no cost. It is easy to forget that they are also an effective means of Search Engine Optimization. Sites like Facebook and Youtube receive massive amounts of traffic and fresh content every day. Our SEO and Social Media Optimization specialists will help you format posts and develop your own content to be displayed on these sites. Effectively, we help you to build properly formatted relationships that are viral in nature and can help to raise your rank in organic search results for key, targeted terms.

FoundYe Social Media SEO Benefits

• Post content with links back to your site on popular social media websites

• Receive the benefits of linking relationships with highly ranked partners

• Well placed content spreads virally

• Full client approval of all content development and posts

We have years of experience in implementing social media SEO campaigns for clients in all industries. Social media websites are a powerful way to support SEO initiatives. Creating great content that is effective for traditional marketing and SEO can be a challenge. To receive the full benefits posts and submissions have to be displayed in just the right way.

SEO Consulting

Link building, site mapping, code updates and content development are all significant parts of a successful Search Engine Optimization program. In our years of SEO consulting we’ve learned that every organization has two things in common. First, everyone wants to achieve great results in organic search. Second, everyone has varying degrees of resources that they are able to dedicate to Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO Consultants work with you directly to make best practice recommendations and long term action plans for implementation. The strategies we help you employ give precedence to the most important SEO activities while taking into account the viability of each initiative. In the end, we deliver great results and a foundation for continued success.

FoundYe SEO Consulting Benefits

• Engage in SEO initiatives that help you achieve results in organic search

• Build a platform for long term success

• Develop an action plan to roll out changes in realistic timeframes

• Dedicated consultants that understand your organization’s unique needs

Search Engine Optimization is a process that yields results over time. Our SEO Consultants have helped hundreds of companies employ long term initiatives that raise their rankings in organic search and drive qualified traffic to their websites. Contact us today to learn how we can help your company


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Keywords: search engine, search engine optimization, seo, Seo Consulting